Are Sodi karts good?

Sodi is well known for building karts to the highest standards, and a driver can never go wrong with buying a chassis from Sodi. In fact, drivers such as Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz both used Sodi karts in their careers.

How fast do Sodi karts go?

Our signature kart is the 270cc Sodi RT8 capable of speeds up to 65mph. Ultra modern and quite exceptional like none other we have tested. 1. The Sodi RT8 features the latest technology stemming from 30 years of unrivaled experience on the part of Sodikart’s Research and Development department.

How fast is a junior kart?

60-70 mph
Go-Kart Categories and Classes

Class Top Speed
Bambino 30 mph
Cadet 50-60 mph
Junior 60-70 mph
Lo206 60-70 mph

Is Top kart a good brand?

The company goes as far as calling itself the ‘best go-kart racing team in North America’ based on the many titles their karts have won. The premier racing kart produced by Top Kart USA is the SR30.

How fast can a 50cc go-kart go?

Most 50cc go-karts from the major manufacturers will reach a top speed of around 35 miles per hour. The exact speeds reached will be determined by a range of factors such as the weight of the driver and the type of tires on the kart.

How fast is a KTM 390?

KTM RC 390 top speed is 112.5 mph

KTM RC 390 Acceleration
Speed Time
SS/KM 25.57 @ 112 mph
SS/Mile 37.50 @ 112.5 mph
Top Speed 112.5 mph

What go-karts are made in the USA?

Shaller GoKarts are the real deal, designed and manufactured right here in Texas, USA. We don’t buy a bunch of parts and bolt them together. We build our karts by hand, from scratch, with plasma cut parts, and welded steel chassis.

Who Makes Top kart?

Table 1 – Top US Manufacturers and Suppliers of Go-Carts

Rank Supplier Year founded
1 Margay 1968
2 Coyote Motorsports 1976
3 MGM Chassis 1981
4 Shaller 1981
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