Are movies free on Delta domestic flights?

Delta is now the only U.S. airline to offer all in-flight entertainment for free. That means your customers can enjoy over 1,000 hours of entertainment from a device or a seatback screen-all free of charge. That includes the latest movies, TV,HBO®, SHOWTIME®, music,podcasts, games and more.

What app do I need to watch Delta inflight movies?

Customers traveling on any domestic Delta or Delta Connection two-cabin aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi will be able to stream free movies and TV options directly to their mobile devices while in flight by using Gogo’s video player app. The Fly Delta app will include an integrated player for iOS devices.

What TV shows can you watch on Delta Airlines?

From laugh-out-loud comedies to groundbreaking dramas, these Hulu Original TV shows and movies will keep your in-flight experience soaring.

  • Dead Asleep. Homeroom. I Am Greta.
  • Love, Victor. McCartney 3,2,1. Pen15.
  • Solar Opposites. Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi.
  • The Great. The Next Thing You Eat.

Does Delta have seatback screens?

By combining industry-leading Wi-Fi, seatback entertainment on nearly all Delta aircraft* and the Delta Portal Platform, customers can expect an unparalleled personalized experience onboard – a new era of onboard entertainment Delta calls the ‘Connected Cabin.

Is Gogo entertainment free on Delta?

“The new system from Gogo that our Delta Flight Products team played a key role in designing will feature all free in-flight entertainment via Delta Studio, wirelessly.”

Do all Delta planes have TV screens?

Live satellite TV is available on the following aircraft within coverage areas: A220, A319, A320, A321, 737-800, 737-900, 757-200, 757-300.

Is GoGo entertainment free on Delta?

Do all Delta flights have screens?

Aside from the 717 fleet, all of Delta’s fleet are equipped with on-demand seatback screens in all cabins.

Is Delta Airlines still blocking middle seats?

Delta is the last U.S. airline blocking middle seats. That ends May 1.

Are Delta headphones free?

Inflight Amenities. Amenities include: Access to Delta Studio (films, games, and TV) on your seatback monitor (if available) or your personal device. Free headphones on international flights; available to purchase on selected domestic flights.

How do I use Gogo on Delta?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upon completion of your purchase, your North America Day Pass will be stored in your Gogo® account.
  2. While in flight, select “Gogo® in-flight” as the wireless network and launch browser.
  3. Log into your account using the email address provided during purchase.
  4. Get online, in air!

How do I get free Gogo Inflight?

How to Get Free Gogo Inflight WiFi

  1. Connect to Gogo Inflight WiFi.
  2. Click on “Watch for Free” in the Delta Studio to watch free movies.
  3. Type in the captcha code and you will be asked if you have the Gogo app or need to download the app.
  4. Leave the App Store once Gogo takes you there.

Does my Delta flight have seatback screens?

At Delta, we’ve been doubling down on in-flight entertainment the last several years – adding more seatback screens than any other airline. Nearly all our mainline fleet now have seatback entertainment.

Does Delta main cabin have TV?

Complimentary entertainment from Delta Studio™ (where available) including selections of TV, movies and music***

Is Delta social distancing on planes?

Delta stops blocking middle seats, officially ending social distancing on planes. Saturday marks the end of a pandemic era in the air: no more social distancing on flights. Delta was the final holdout, ending its practice of blocking middle seats on Saturday.

Is Delta flying at full capacity?

Despite a “choppy” recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta Air Lines expects to operate 80% of its pre-pandemic capacity in the fourth quarter and is aiming to restore 2019 levels of capacity in the second half of 2022.

Does Delta serve food on flights to Hawaii 2021?

Delta is taking another major step in elevating the on-board customer experience, offering complimentary meals and beer, wine and spirits for customers on all flights, in all cabins on its long-haul flights to and from Honolulu.

How can I watch inflight entertainment on Hawaiian Airlines?

Narrow-body A321neo is exclusively streaming inflight entertainment via personal devices using the Hawaiian Airlines App. Previously, only a very limited amount of entertainment was free, while the rest was paid. Hawaiian offers over 100 hours of movies, and television, music and games, and uniquely, 30% of their content is about Hawaii.

How many films are available on Delta Studio?

Delta Studio® offers up to 300 films on board including a curated selection of new releases, acclaimed documentaries, foreign titles and family favorites. Love, Lights, Hanukkah!

What can I watch on Delta Studio?

From the latest Hollywood films, to your favorite TV series, playlists and podcasts, Delta Studio has you covered. Watch blockbusters from around the world, both old and new. Choose from a wide selection of TV series from all of your favorite networks.

How many hours of free entertainment does Delta Studio offer?

Enjoy 1,000+ hours of free entertainment. From the latest Hollywood films, to your favorite TV series, playlists and podcasts, Delta Studio has you covered. Watch blockbusters from around the world, both old and new.

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