Why is Nag Tibba famous?

According to the old mythological tale, Nag Tibba is actually the holy abode of ‘Naag Devta’. You can usually find the villagers here who come to pray for the protection of their cattle. Since Nagg Tibba trek has an altitude of 9,915ft so the trek is one of the most popular treks near Dehradun.

How do you do Nag Tibba trek alone?

Visiting Nag Tibba was a spontaneous solo plan for me.

  1. Friday night: Bus to Dehradun.
  2. Saturday: Shared Taxi to Pantwari and 2-3 hour trek to base camp.
  3. Sunday: Trek to Nag Tibba peak and back to Pantwari. Shared taxi to Dehradun. Bus to Delhi.

Can I do Nag Tibba trek alone?

Nag Tibba is one of the easiest and perfect treks for anyone who may be looking for a break from their monotonous schedule. Easily accessible, quick and extremely beautiful; the Nag Tibba trek package makes for a trip just about ideal for literally any and every solo traveler.

Is Nag Tibba a Himalayas?

Comprising one of the three ranges of the Lesser Himalayas, Nag Tibba is the highest peak in the area, standing at a height of 10,000 ft. While its surrounding views are breathtaking, the peak holds particular appeal for adventure-lovers as it is a popular trekking destination.

Is there network in Nag Tibba?

till nag tibba base camp (kathaian) 6 Km Away from pantwari. You will get the network of Airtel, jio, Idea and bsnl till kathian Base camp (7km. From Pantwari village).

How can I go to Nag Tibba from Dehradun?

How can I reach Nag Tibba from Dehradun? A. One can directly head to Pantwari from Dehradun which is around 100 km away or first travel to Mussoorie and from there further go to Pantwari which is at a distance of 60 km from there. Once in Pantwari, one can trek to Nag Tibba base camp and then further to the summit.

Why Nag Tibba Trek is the best weekend trek in India?

Nagtibba is a perfect place for camping during spring and summers and one of the most suitable trek for winters, when most of the treks are closed due to heavy snow. Due to its easy access it is one of most popular weekend treks in India. Get Nag Tibba Trek guide, trekking routes, Nag Tibba travel tips.

How to reach Nag Tibba?

Trekking: The whole trek route to Nag Tibba involves easy trekking that takes 5-6 hours to complete. The trail takes one through enchanting lush green valleys, hushed hamlets, and conifers and oak forests. Trek to Nag Tibba via Pantwari is shorter (8km) as compared to Devalsari route (13km).

How to do the Nag Devta Trek?

The trek starts from Panthwari and it is a 5-6 hour trek (approximately) to the first campsite – Khatian. Soon after you leave the village and take on the trail, you will pass the locally-revered Nag Devta temple. After you cross the temple, tread carefully as the path ahead is rocky, although well defined as it is frequented by shepherds.

What is the Nag Tibba summit of Kala Nag?

The Nag Tibba summit is a straight walk ahead of the base camp. There is a flag on the highest point called Nag Tibba “Jhandi” or summit. From here, you will be able to see stunning 360-degree views of the mighty Himalayan mountains including Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Srikanta, and Gangotri

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