Why is disc priest so good in Shadowlands?

Disc Priest Shadowlands changes It has a high mana cost, with a decent damage event and an absorb effect. Spirit Shell- New level 50 talent. Very potent ability currently and will be covered in depth later on. Shadow Covenant- Reworked, it still has its initial heal, but lost the healing absorb.

What is the best covenant for disc priest Shadowlands?

Our current recommendation is to go with the Kyrian Covenant as the default choice for both Raiding and Mythic Plus with Venthyr gaining significant power once double legendaries and the 4 piece tier set bonus have been aquired.

Can you play disc priest as DPS?

Introduction to DPS as a Discipline Priest Discipline is a full healer specialization first and should in no way be considered a substitute for an actual DPS specialization.

What covenant should a disc priest join?

Kyrian. The Best Disc Priest Covenant for Mythic+ is Kyrian. Boon of the Ascended is a very strong 3 minute cooldown.

What Covenant is best for priest?

Best Soulbinds for Holy Priest

Covenant Soulbind Recommended Tree
Kyrian Kleia (raid) / Forgelite Prime Mikanikos (Mythic+) Kleia Tree (raid) / Mikanikos Tree (Mythic+)
Necrolord Emeni Emeni Tree
Night Fae Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Tree
Venthyr Theotar the Mad Duke Theotar Tree

What covenant should I join WOW priest?

Best Shadow Priest Covenants for Mythic+ Much like in raids, Necrolord and Night Fae are the top choices in 9.2 Both now use Shadowflame Prism as their primary legendary, and both covenant legendaries are likely to have some potential in keys.

Why is disc priest good in PVP?

Discipline Priest Strengths in PvP. Discipline Priest provides a good amount of crowd control with Psychic Scream, Mind Control, and Shining Force which can supply the team with just enough control to score a kill or extend the game.

What CDS does Fae guardians reduce?

Guardian Faerie: Reduces damage taken by 20%. Follows your Power Word: Shield. Call forth three faerie guardians to attend your targets for 20 sec. Wrathful Faerie: Any direct attacks against the target restore 0.5% Mana or 3 Insanity….Spell Details.

Duration 20 seconds
GCD category Normal
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