Who was Moliere and why was he important?

Molière, original name Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, (baptized January 15, 1622, Paris, France—died February 17, 1673, Paris), French actor and playwright, the greatest of all writers of French comedy.

Why did Moliere greatest work Tartuffe forbid for six years?

In 1664, for example, he was forbidden to perform Tartuffe, the story of a pious hypocrite, because of religious fanatics at court. The play was not approved until 1670, five years after Molière had been forced to withdraw another one of his works, the drama Don Juan.

Who was Moliere influenced by?

Jean Racine
Pierre CorneillePlautusGiordano Bruno
Molière/Influenced by

What style is Moliere?

Education University of Orléans
Period 1645–1673
Genre Comedy
Notable works Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, The Learned Women, The School for Wives, L’Avare

What controversial issue was Molière suggesting in the play Tartuffe?

He contended that his target was neither religion nor the truly pious but those who merely pretended to be and who used religion to conceal and justify their vices.

What do you think Molière is saying about religion?

Moliere saw religion as a personal and private matter, he believed it should not be forced upon others but be a natural state of being. He ultimately believed religion should not be placed on a higher level of value in the world, more so meaning it should not be used to justify the pursuit of personal wealth and power.

What social issues are addressed in Tartuffe?

Social issues in Tartuffe In social circles, Moliere’s Tartuffe gives more attention to the religious and the hypocrisy issues pertinent in the society. The author uses Tartuffe as his key character to bring out the apparent religious hypocrisy whereby Tartuffe comes out as a conman.

How did Molière change theatre?

He combined Italian Commedia dell’arte and more traditional French comedy. Commedia dell’arte allowed some improvisation which suited the quick writing style of some of Moliere’s works. There was much criticism of his works particularly by the Church. The Patronage of Louis the XIV helped him withstand their attacks.

What does Moliere criticize in Tartuffe?

Often financed by royalty, Moliere became a successful playwright. In May of 1664, he was invited to perform a play he had written as a criticism of religious hypocrisy for King Louis XIV at Versailles, France. The play’s original name, Tartuffe ou I’lmposteur, is better known by its shortened name of Tartuffe.

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