Who was in control of the House in 2012?

2012 United States House of Representatives elections

Leader John Boehner Nancy Pelosi
Party Republican Democratic
Leader since January 3, 2007 January 3, 2003
Leader’s seat Ohio 8th California 12th
Last election 242 seats, 51.7% 193 seats, 44.9%

Who won the 1962 election?

1962 United States elections

Incumbent president John F. Kennedy (Democratic)
Next Congress 88th
Senate elections
Overall control Democratic hold
Seats contested 39 of 100 seats (34 Class 3 seats + 5 special elections)

Did JFK party win the midterm elections?

Kennedy’s term. As in most midterm elections, Kennedy’s Democratic Party lost seats to the opposition Republican Party, but retained a majority.

How old was Hayden Christensen in life as a house?

When Hayden Christensen was 19-years-old, he proved he had serious acting chops with his role as a struggling drug addict in the 2000 Fox Family Channel drama “Higher Ground.” The next year, Christensen played another struggling teen but in the feature film “Life As a House,” opposite Kevin Kline.

Why did Hayden Christensen buy a farm?

At age 26, Hayden Christensen decided to buy a farm in his native Canada, just outside of Toronto. Christensen talked about the unusual move to the Toronto Star in 2008, saying, “It’s a hobby, but I want to have the appearance of being a proper farmer.” He added, “I’m trying to figure it out.

Is Hayden Christensen street smart?

“Hayden Christensen is ‘Street’ smart”. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved February 28, 2015. ^ “Hayden Christensen is ‘Vanishing on 7th Street’ “. Cinematical. Retrieved May 18, 2010. ^ “Takers”.

Is Hayden Christensen in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi TV show?

Today, Hayden Christensen is preparing to reprise his role as Anakin Skywalker in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi television show – sixteen years since he last donned the suit. β€œIt feels good to be back,” he said while praising his co-worker and director involved in the series.


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