Who makes Old Charter Oak bourbon?

Buffalo Trace Distillery
Bourbon | Old Charter Oak | Buffalo Trace Distillery. Old Charter Oak Bourbon is made to tell those stories. In honor of the pivotal role oak barrels play in the age-old tradition of bourbon-making, every bottle of Old Charter Oak is a testament to the unique oak tree that gave this spirit its character.

Do they still make 10 year old charter?

Is There A Case Here? Old Charter 10 Year Old was discontinued in 2013 and Old Charter 8 Year Old in 2014. The latter was effectively converted into an No Age Statement (NAS) whiskey, with all direct references to age taken off the label, but the numeral “8” was kept in the labeling.

Do they still make old charter bourbon?

The Old Charter brand changed owners a few times, until it was purchased by Buffalo Trace Distillery in 1999. The existing Old Charter Bourbon is still produced by parent company Sazerac and there are no plans to discontinue it.

What does old charter bourbon taste like?

TASTING NOTES A complex, well-balanced nose that shows both dry, peppery notes and a rich honey sweetness. The palate features some tingly spice notes and mellow toffee, very long and very satisfying finish.

How many mash bills does Buffalo Trace have?

two primary mash
Buffalo Trace has two primary mash bills along with their rye whiskey mash bill and their wheated bourbon mash bill all of which they don’t disclose the recipe. Mash bill #1 is most likely 10% or less rye while mash bill #2 is somewhere between 10% to 12%..

What spirits are aged in French oak?

Bourbon, Scotch, Tennessee whiskey, cognac, and some gins spend time maturing in these barrels as part of the aging process. Many reds and some whites age in oak. It’s a part of the process that gives these beverages their character and unique flavor.

How old is Ancient Age bourbon?

The Bourbon Basic Ancient Age is a young straight bourbon bottled at 80 proof, and although there is no aging statement the contents are roughly three years old.

Can you visit old Carter distillery?

They now produce Straight Ryes, Bourbons and American Whiskies in various locations throughout Kentucky with their headquarters in Louisville (Please note: we are not open to the public).

What has the same mash bill as Blanton’s?

Yes, Ancient Age is the same mash bill, barrel, and barrel proof as Blanton’s.

What is difference between French oak and American oak?

French oak (particularly Quercus Petraea) is much tighter grained and less dense than the American Quercus Alba. As such French oak imparts more subtle flavors and firmer, but silkier tannins. American oak being more dense, can be sawn instead of hand-split. This involves less labor and expense.

Do they still make Ancient Age bourbon?

Currently distilled by Buffalo Trace, Ancient Age Bourbon has a long history in the bourbon world and some of the older releases, like Ancient Ancient Age, are sought-after collectibles. Not just because they aren’t made anymore, but because they’re damn good whiskey.

Is Ancient Ancient Age discontinued?

Here at ColumbusBourbon.com, we’ve been hearing lots of rumors on Instagram, reddit, forums, and first-hand in liquor stores that Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star has been discontinued. We reached out to Buffalo Trace and they confirmed that it has not been discontinued.

What states sell old Carter bourbon?

For the time being, Old Carter Whiskey Co. will only be available in Kentucky and California. Only 1,269 bottles were produced for batch #1 and subsequently the next batches were 1,567 bottles and 1,289 bottles.

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