Who is the kid in King of the Hill?

Robert Jeffrey “Bobby” Hill (voiced by Pamela Adlon) – Hank and Peggy’s husky son who starts out the series at 12 years old, and later turns 13 years old.

What happened to cottons son?

Cotton named their newborn son Good Hank, but she suffered postpartum depression and wanted nothing to do with him. After Didi and the baby were released from the hospital, Bobby was the only one willing to take care of “G.H.”, as Peggy was in a full-body cast following a skydiving accident.

Who voiced Caleb in King of the Hill?

Paul Butcher
Caleb was voiced by Paul Butcher, who was twelve years old at the time.

What does GH stand for on King of the Hill?

Good Hank
Good Hank “G.H.” Hill (born September 26, 1999; Henry Jeffrey Hill) is the infant son of Cotton and Didi Hill.

Why is Chuck Mangione on King of the Hill so much?

Chuck Mangione is an American flugelhorn player and musician. He is the Mega-Lo-Mart spokesperson; his advertisements are frequently seen throughout the show. Because he misread the contract, he is responsible for appearing at every store opening, leaving little time for himself as they open 400 stores a year.

Why does cotton not like Hank?

Unbeknownst to Cotton, he had conceived a child with Michiko, and it was only upon returning to Japan to reunite with her decades later did he realize this fact. The theory puts forth the idea that it was his inability to be with Michiko that made Cotton so hateful and resentful toward Tilly, and later, Hank.

Who plays Jeffrey Barton?

Paul Matthew Hawke Butcher Jr….Filmography.

Year 2009
Title Criminal Minds
Role Jeffrey Barton
Notes Episode: “Faceless, Nameless”

Why does cotton Call Peggy Hanks wife?

Throughout his history in the series, Cotton never once addressed Peggy by name, but instead called her “Hank’s Wife”, which was used as a running gag, including on the very rare occasion that he’s tried to be nice to her (“Cotton’s Plot”).

What is the connection between Chuck Mangione and King of the Hill?

Mangione had a recurring voice-acting role on the animated television series King of the Hill. In it he portrays himself as a celebrity spokesman for Mega Lo Mart, almost always wearing the white and red jacket from the cover of his Feels So Good album.

How did cotton lose his legs?

He is also a World War II veteran, who had his shins “blowed off by a Japanman’s machine gun” in combat and later had his feet attached to his knees. This made him a foot shorter than his relatives and caused a characteristic waddle. According to Hank, Cotton was 6 ft.

Why did Hank stop hanging out with Hal?

After conflicting schedules, Hank and Hal gave up when they could not find time to hang out anymore. However, Hank defended him when Dale wanted Hal to pay for the equipment. He is the voice from The Drew Carey Show star and The Price is Right leader Drew Carey. Hal is not to be confused with Hal Dumpty.

Does Peggy Hill have brain damage?

Basically, they suggest that when Peggy suffered a near-fatal skydiving accident in the Season 3 finale, “As Old as the Hills…,” she actually suffered permanent brain damage.

What kind of Native is John Redcorn?

A former roadie for Winger and “Licensed New Age Healer”, John is Nancy Gribble’s Native American masseur, her lover of 14 years (the two split up during the show’s fourth season) and the biological father of Joseph Gribble.

When did Nancy stop cheating on Dale?

Nancy broke up with John Redcorn in the season 4 episode “Nancy’s Boys” when she and Dale began to reconnect. She also felt guilty when she realized Dale made it clear that, in spite of his strange behavior, still loves her to the point of sacrifice.

Who is Hank Hill’s voice?

Mike JudgeHank Hill / Voiced by

Who voiced Luanne on King of the Hill?

Brittany MurphyLuanne Platter / Voiced by

How old is Dustin Zoey 101?

Dustin starts out in the series to be about 10 years old, but then it is revealed that he becomes a teenager in the later seasons. After Season 4, he was presumably 15 years old. Dustin is 10-15 years old in the series.

What is Paul Butcher doing now?

Paul Butcher portrayed the wise-cracking tween on Zoey 101. Now, the 26-year-old is taking TikTok by storm with his not-so-PG-13 thirst traps. Here’s what you need to know about the actor-turned-TikToker.

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