Who is Elante owner?

Carnival Group bought Elante in October 2015 for about Rs 1,785 crore from engineering and construction major Larsen & Toubro (L), who were the mall’s owner and constructor.

What is the cost of Elante Mall?

‘Carnival Group’ is the current owner of Chandigarh’s most popular shopping mall-Elante. In September 2015, Mumbai’s Carnival group purchased the popular mall of beautiful city Chandigarh-Elante mall at a price of Rs. 1,785 crore.

Who is the CEO of Elante Mall?

In a new development and twist the Industrial Area Police Station police arrested Anil Malhotra, executive director of Elante Mall and CEO of Hotel Hyatt, on Monday night for stalking, blocking and molesting a woman.

When did Elante Mall open?

June 8
Elante opens on June 8, but you will have to wait to dine in – Hindustan Times.

What brands are available in Elante Mall Chandigarh?

List of Best Brands Available in Elante Mall Chandigarh

  • Zara: Elante Mall Chandigarh:
  • Hackett London Elante Mall Chandigarh:
  • Da Milano Elante Mall Chandigarh:
  • The Collective Elante Mall Chandigarh:
  • Clinique Elante Mall Chandigarh.
  • The Body Shop:
  • Jack & Jones:
  • Lifestyle:

Who built Elante mall?

Larsen & Toubro
Elante is spread over an area of 20 acres. It is part of a mixed use real estate development project by Larsen & Toubro called Elante….Elante Mall.

Main entrance of the Mall
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Developer L Realty
Owner Nexus Malls
Total retail floor area 1,150,000 sq ft (107,000 m2)

When was Elante mall built?

April 2013Elante Mall / Opened

Which sector is Elante mall?

The Best Place to Hangout in Chandigarh. Huge mall, pvr cinemas, enormous food court and with the most classy brands in store, this has to be the best of Chandigarh. This is huge, and you surely do not want to miss this.

Which sector is Elante Mall?

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