Who is considered the best rock guitarist of all time?

Jimi Hendrix has been voted the Greatest Guitarist Of All Time by readers of the Louder website. Over 70,000 votes were cast in the poll, with Hendrix topping a list of 50 guitarists, followed by Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Who is ranked as the best guitarist of all time?

1 guitar player of all time, and this man, Jimi Hendrix, tops all lists of greatest guitar players ever. Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington on Nov. 27, 1942. One thing to note is the fact that Hendrix is hands down the god of the guitar, and had the shortest career of anyone else on this list.

What is the most difficult guitar solo of all time?

Here Are the Hardest Guitar Solos Ever

  1. Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce (Herman Li)
  2. Dissimulation by Born of Osiris (Jason Richardson)
  3. Aviator Feat by Polyphia (Jason Richardson)
  4. Spanish Fly by Eddie Van Halen.
  5. In the Name of God by Dream Theater (John Petrucci)
  6. Domination by Pantera (Dimebag Darrell)

Who are the best rock guitar players of all time?

Jimi Hendrix. Widely recognized as one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 20th century,Jimi Hendrix pioneered the explosive possibilities of the electric guitar.

  • Edward Van Halen. Edward Van Halen once likened his guitar playing to “falling down the stairs and landing on my feet.”
  • Eric Clapton.
  • Paul McCartney.
  • Pete Townshend.
  • Who are the top 10 guitarist of all time?

    Chuck Berry (Because he was the origin of rock n roll)

  • Tony Iommi (Because Black sabbath was the original heavy metal band)
  • Eddie Van Halen (Because he invented tapping
  • THEN Jimi Hendrix
  • Who is the Best Rock and roll guitarist?

    It’s pretty simple really: Whatever style of music you play if your rhythm stinks,you stink. And deserving or not,guitarists have a reputation for having less-than-perfect time.

  • Chuck Berry.
  • Lindsey Buckingham.
  • Maybelle Carter.
  • Catfish Collins.
  • Steve Cropper.
  • Bo Diddley.
  • Lonnie Donegan.
  • Cornell Dupree.
  • The Edge.
  • Who is the fastest guitarist of all time?

    naming Kath the “best guitarist in the universe”. High praise indeed. However, without a doubt, the greatest influence on Prince as a guitarist and, therefore, likely his favourite of all time, was Sonny Thompson, Prince’s longtime friend.

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