Which English club has the biggest fan base?

Manchester United
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# Football Team Number of Fans
01 Manchester United 75,012,095
02 Chelsea 49,760,591
03 Manchester City 40,715,173
04 Liverpool 39,137,387

Who has the biggest football fan base in the UK?

1. Manchester United. The Red Devils are undoubtedly the biggest and best team in England.

Who is the most popular football team?

fame is defined by the % of people who have heard of a football team. Find out more

  • 1 San Francisco 49ers92%
  • 2 New England Patriots92%
  • 3 Dallas Cowboys90%
  • 4 Green Bay Packers90%
  • 5 Pittsburgh Steelers90%
  • 6 Miami Dolphins89%
  • 7 New York Giants88%
  • 8 Denver Broncos86%

Which football club has the most loyal fans?

  1. Borussia Dortmund. Anyone who has experienced the infamous ‘Yellow Wall’ will tell you just how incredible it is.
  2. Real Madrid. Spanish LaLiga’s Real Madrid comes at the top of the list of football clubs with highest fans in the world.
  3. Barcelona.
  4. Manchester United.
  5. Liverpool.
  6. PSG.
  7. AS Roma.
  8. Celtic.

Which football team has the best fans?

Spanish side Barcelona has the most followers globally across its platforms. Manchester United and Real Madrid are other teams close to the Catalan kings.

Who has the biggest away support in England?

Liverpool on average fills 95.2% of all seats when they play away from home, the most in the PL, whereas Stoke only fills 88% of the seats.

Which club has the most fans worldwide?

Top 10 Football Clubs with Most Fans in the World in 2022 (Updated)

  • Real Madrid. Facebook: 112 M. Instagram: 108 M.
  • Barcelona. Facebook: 106,4 M.
  • Manchester United. Facebook: 76,13 M.
  • PSG. Facebook: 48,6 M.
  • Juventus. Facebook: 46,48 M.
  • Chelsea FC. Facebook: 51 M.
  • Liverpool FC. Facebook: 40,82 M.
  • FC Bayern Munich. Facebook: 54,5 M.

Does the Queen support Liverpool?

After long remaining tight-lipped about her favourite football team, the Queen revealed in 2009 that she is actually a West Ham United fan.

Which football team has the smallest fan base?

The Arizona Cardinals have one of the smallest NFL fanbases. Moving to Arizona in 1988, the team just hasn’t been able to get much fan support. This is most likely due to the fact that NFL fans in the area already had a team they liked prior to 1988, which geographically is probably the Dallas Cowboys.

Which football player has most haters?

Top 10 Most Hated Football Players

  1. Joey Barton. The most hated footballer in the world was perhaps Joey Barton.
  2. John Terry. John Terry is a Chelsea and England legend, but he has a lot of haters.
  3. Luis Suarez.
  4. Mario Balotelli.
  5. Marco Materazzi.
  6. Diego Costa.
  7. Paolo Di Canio.
  8. Pepe.
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