Where are iOptron mounts made?

Headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, iOptron owns state of the art engineering and manufacturing facilities in China.

Are iOptron mounts good?

The iOptron CEM60 is a center-balanced equatorial telescope mount that provides an excellent platform for visual astronomy and astrophotography. What makes the iOptron CEM60 computerized telescope mount so special is its impressive weight to payload capacity ratio and the now famous “Z-shape” design.

Are equatorial mounts good for astrophotography?

Your equatorial mount is the #1 most important item for astrophotography of deep-sky objects. The mount should always be the most expensive part of your setup. If you can afford nothing but a mount, just get an adapter and put your DSLR or lens on if you can, then upgrade to a scope later.

What’s new with ioptron telescope mounts?

Over the last several years, iOptron has continued to expand its telescope mount line-up. The SmartStar CubePro Alt-Azimuth mount, the latest version of the original Cube, comes with iOptron’s GoToNova computerized control system, with over 130,000 objects in its database!

What ioptron telescope accessories does high point scientific offer?

We offer a premium selection of iOptron telescopes, mounts, and accessories. High Point Scientific also carries charging adapters, lithium-ion batteries, and hard shell cases for your iOptron telescope that will help extend your astronomy viewing time.

How does a telescope attach to a Mount?

The part of the telescope that connects to the mount is called the dovetail. The telescope attaches to the mount via the dovetail being clamped down by the saddle, which has knob tightening screws to hold the telescope securely in place.

What are the different types of telescope mounts?

There are many types of telescope mounts, but they can all be split up into four main categories: altitude-azimuth mounts (alt-az for short), equatorial (EQ) mounts, hybrid mounts, and star trackers. Below, we’ll go over these three main types along with their sub-types and what their best uses are.

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