When were most NHL players born?

NHL Totals by Birth Month – Career Stats

Rk Month G
1 February 35 963
2 January 33 945
3 July 33 270
4 March 32 073

How old is Jeff Carter?

37 years (January 1, 1985)Jeff Carter / Age

How tall is number 11 on the Penguins?


NO Player HT
11 B. Boyle Knee: Brian Boyle Knee: 6-6
77 J. Carter Penguins’ Jeff Carter: Solid in postseason Jeff Carter Penguins’ Jeff Carter: Solid in postseason 6-3
87 S. Crosby 5-11
59 J. Guentzel Penguins’ Jake Guentzel: Racks up 40 goals Jake Guentzel Penguins’ Jake Guentzel: Racks up 40 goals 5-11

How old is Jarry?

27 years (April 29, 1995)Tristan Jarry / Age

Is Jeff Carter married?

Megan KefferJeff Carter / Spouse (m. 2014)

Is Tristan Jarry skating?

Jarry skated Saturday for the first time since suffering a broken bone in his foot, Wes Crosby of NHL.com reports.

How tall is Jarry?

6′ 2″Tristan Jarry / Height

How old is Chris Letang?

35 years (April 24, 1987)Kris Letang / Age

When was Crosby born?

August 7, 1987 (age 34 years)Sidney Crosby / Date of birth

Sidney Crosby, (born August 7, 1987, Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada), Canadian ice hockey player who in 2007 became the youngest captain of a National Hockey League (NHL) team and who led the Pittsburgh Penguins to three Stanley Cup championships (2009, 2016, and 2017).

How old is Evander Kane?

30 years (August 2, 1991)Evander Kane / Age

Why hockey players are all born in January?

The reason, he deduced, is minor hockey determines eligibility by calendar year, which means kids born on January 1st compete against children born on December 31st of the same year.

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