What Pecho means?

chest, brisket
pecho → chest, brisket, breast.

Is there a website that translates English to Spanish?

Translate Spanish online for free SYSTRAN Translate lets you translate any text online in Spanish directly from your Web browser. Use SYSTRAN Translate anytime anywhere for free Spanish translation. This free online tool lets you instantly translate any text in Spanish.

What Spanish does SpanishDict use?

The vocabulary and grammar lessons that we offer include native speakers from Spain and many Latin American countries. The grammar taught in the lessons leans more toward Latin American Spanish, but you will occasionally see verb conjugations in the “vosotros” form, which is used as the informal “you all” in Spain.

What means cintura?

British English: waist /weɪst/ NOUN. Your waist is the middle part of your body, above your hips.

Who owns SpanishDict?

About Curiosity Media We are the people behind the leading Spanish learning websites, SpanishDict, inglés.com, and Fluencia, which collectively help more than 100 million people each year with reliable, accurate, easy-to-use resources for speaking English and Spanish.

Is there an English version of SpanishDict?

SpanishDict. English to Spanish Translation, Dictionary, Translator.

Is SpanishDict good for learning Spanish?

SpanishDict is hands-down one of the best free resources available online for Spanish. It covers pretty much everything a beginner learner needs, has a featured-rich dictionary with audio and video, and lots of free vocab and grammar lessons.

Is SpanishDict free?

SpanishDict Premium SpanishDict is completely free for everyone, but if you’d like to remove ads from the site and support our work, we offer a Premium subscription option.

Is SpanishDict accurate?

SpanishDict is a very reliable source.

Why do people say entonces?

Entonces is a common translation for “therefore” or phrases with similar meanings, although you can sometimes use various phrases of causation as well.

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