What kind of clothing brand is Brixton?

Founded in 2004, Brixton is a timeless apparel brand fueled by a collective of counter cultures, but forever inspired by easy Southern California living.

Where are Brixton clothes made?

Southern California
While the brand was forged in Southern California, we are inspired by the world around us and bring that inspiration to everything we do.

Who makes Brixton clothing?

David Stoddard, Jason Young, Mike Chapin found Brixton, each putting $10,000 of their own cash into the business to get it running out of Stoddard’s garage. After a year of working at TransWorld during the day and Brixton at night, the brand Brixton officially launches.

What is the Brixton company?

About us. Founded in 2004, Brixton is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. Based in Oceanside, CA, Brixton manufactures a full line of apparel, headwear and accessories and is distributed in over 30 countries.

Is Brixton fast fashion?

STRATEGIC PLATFORM. Amid fast fashion and disposable trends, Brixton sought to promote its timeless, new Americana values to forge a deeper connection with consumers.

What happened to Brixton clothing?

Although the brand was founded in San Diego County, the original three founders sold Brixton to a private equity firm called Altamont Capital in 2014. Since then, about two-thirds of the company’s leadership team is new, including CEO Raphael Peck, who’s held roles at big brands like Oakley and Adidas.

Is Brixton made in China?

Showcased as a concept at 2019 EICMA motorcycle show, the said model will be made in China. However, Brixton comes under the KSR Group from Austria that is responsible for importing motorcycles from multiple Chinese manufacturers.

What is Brixton known for?

Although Brixton Markets sells goods from all over the world, it is primarily known for it’s wide range of food and goods from Africa and the Caribbean. The Market is both open air in the street (the famous “Electric Avenue”) as well as covered market arcades holding dozens and dozens of independent shops.

Who bought Brixton?

The brewing giant Heineken has bought Brixton Brewery. It had owned 49% of the company for three years in a deal which enabled the brewery to expand from a rail arch in central Brixton to a purpose built facility on Milkwood Road.

Are Brixton bikes good?

Verdict. The Brixton is a welcome newcomer to the growing market for retro 125s. The test bike seemed well built and decent quality (switchgear apart) and I’m willing to believe that one with more miles under its belt would be faster.

Is Brixton safe for tourists?

Surprisingly, the vibrant South London town of Brixton was named the second most dangerous location on the list. According to one Londoner, it is risky to even look someone in the eye in the borough.

How did Taylor McWilliams make his money?

Taylor McWilliams, who makes up one-quarter of DJ group Housekeeping, and is the founder Hondo Enterprises already drew mass criticism and protests in Brixton and beyond earlier this year after trying to evict Nour Cash & Carry from its base where it has been open for many years and has become a mainstay of the local …

Where are Brixton motorcycles from?

An Austrian-owned brand with a British-sounding name and similarly British-looking bikes manufactured in China, Brixton is best known for its 125cc and 250cc bikes currently marketed in Europe and Asia, but as yet, does not much of a presence in North America.

What engine is in Brixton 125?

Powered by a supersmooth four stroke 125cc engine, the Cromwell 125 is a contemporary air-cooled performer.

What does the name Brixton mean?

The name Brixton is primarily a male name of English origin that means Brock’s Town.

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