What is the size limit for striped bass on Lake Murray?

21 inches
On Lake Murray and the middle reach of the Saluda River from October 1st through May 31st, it is unlawful to possess a striped bass less than 21 inches in total length….Specific Regulations for Lake Murray.

Device License Limits
Trotlines Commercial License 3 lines with 150 hooks maximum

What size striped bass can you keep in NY?

Saltwater Fishing Limits

Species Minimum Size Limits (Total Length in Inches) (1)
Striped Bass: marine waters (2) (south of George Washington Bridge) Slot size: 28 – 35
Scup (Porgy) 9
*2022 UPDATED REGULATION* Summer flounder (fluke) (4) 18.5
Black Sea Bass (5) 15

How big does a striped bass have to be to keep in NJ?

It is illegal to possess any striped bass which is less than the legal minimum size of 28 inches unless in possession of a Striped Bass Bonus Permit. It is illegal to possess any striped bass 38 inches or greater. Harvest and possession of striped bass from federal waters (outside three miles) is prohibited.

Where are the stripers biting on Lake Murray?

The most effective way to catch striper on Lake Murray as of this week, is pulling live bait on Planer Boards and free lines. Focus in the areas of Beard’s Creek, Ballentine Cove, and all the way to the Damn. Fishing Down rods are working in the 20-50-foot water range on channel edges and off the ends of points.

Do stripers reproduce in Lake Murray?

There is no natural reproduction of stripers in Lake Murray or its tributaries. It’s strictly a put-and-take fishery.

What size striped bass is a keeper?

18 inches
The recreational fishery for striped bass (Morone saxitilis) is open year-round with a daily bag and possession limit of two fish and a minimum size limit of 18 inches in length. No striped bass may be taken while using a sinker weighing over four pounds, or while using any power-driven gurdy or winch.

What is the best bait to use in Lake Murray?

Using the following types of lures on Lake Murray have been historically successful: Zoom Flukes, green pumpkin Zoom Trick Worms on Greenfish Tackle Crawball Shaky Heads and a Lucky Craft Smasher jointed hard bait to bass chasing blueback herring in the backs of pockets and on points.

Can you eat fish out of Lake Murray?

It’s now safe to eat “as much fish as you would like” from at least 34 waterways, including Lake Murray and the Catawba River, according to a DHEC fish advisory sheet. “The science doesn’t support a blanket advisory,” agency spokesman Thom Berry said.

How do you catch a striper on Lake Murray?

How many bass can you keep in NY?

During the regular season, they can catch and keep up to five bass per day, with a minimum size of 12 inches.

What fish are biting on Lake Murray?

Fishermen target Lake Murray’s populations of striped bass, largemouth bass, crappie, bream, catfish, and more. Unlike the other species, striped bass cannot reproduce naturally in Lake Murray and so they are entirely stocked (at fingerling size) by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Do I need a fishing license at Lake Murray?

A state fishing license is required. There is no camping allowed at Lake Murray.

Do you need a fishing license to fish in Lake Murray?

Fish limits are five bass, five trout, five catfish and 25 crappie and bluegill in aggregate, with no limit on other species. Fishing permits are available at the concession and ranger pay stations. You must have a California State Fishing license, if you are 16 years of age or older.

What are the regulations for striped bass in New York?

Along with other states, New York has required regulatory measures that include monitoring programs, recreational and commercial minimum size limits, recreational creel limits, and commercial quotas to manage and evaluate the condition of the striped bass stock.

Why is the striped bass so popular in Murray?

It’s this brute strength that makes the striped bass one of the most sought after game fish. In fact, a growing appeal to sport fishermen was the primary reason the fish were introduced into Murray in 1971. “They were introduced to diversify sport fishing options for anglers and also to help control pelagic forage base.

How many striper guides are there on Lake Murray?

Currently there are an estimated 30 full time striper guides on Lake Murray. “Murray is just fantastic,” says Morris Morgan, a Davidson, NC resident who makes an annual full week trip to Murray with a dozen co-workers and friends.

What month do you catch striped bass in the Hudson River?

Beginning in 1979, a 200 foot seine is used from July through November to catch young of year striped bass. The fish are counted and measured and average catch rates are calculated. See a graph of annual catch rates of young of year striped bass. Do you fish for striped bass in the Hudson River?

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