What is the resignation syndrome?

The syndrome, also known as Uppgivenhetssyndrom in Swedish, causes children to stop walking, talking and eating. They assume a coma-like state, lying prone, with their eyes closed, disconnected from the world around them. They are fed via feeding tubes. Thus far, no known cases have been identified outside Sweden.

What is resignation syndrome caused by?

The cause is unknown, but PAWS has been linked to stress and trauma. The withdrawal in PAWS is an active one, as the word “refusal” suggests; it is not apathetic. Still, as a condition associated with hopelessness, it does seem to have more in common with resignation syndrome than other suggestions.

Do children come out of resignation syndrome?

In the worst cases, children reject any food or drink and have to be fed by feeding tube; the condition can persist for years. Recovery ensues within months to years and is claimed to be dependent on the restoration of hope to the family.

What dangers do child refugees face?

Upon arrival in a new country, refugee children may experience severe stress related to their family’s adaptation and acculturation, family conflict, difficulties with education in a new language, and experiences of social exclusion and discrimination.

What is Radcliffe and Nunn sickness?

In a recent interview with the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, Radcliffe admitted publicly for the first time to suffering from dyspraxia, a neurological disorder commonly associated with klutziness.

What is pervasive arousal withdrawal syndrome?

Pervasive Arousal Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), which can be conceptualised as an extreme functional disorder, is characterised by withdrawal in at least two domains of functioning, social withdrawal, school refusal, and resistance to treatment.

Is resignation syndrome the same as catatonia?

RS is Catatonia. Rather than a lack of awareness, RS is characterized by an inability to initiate motor response, a finding also present in catatonia and conversion disorder. On the basis of substantial clinical overlap, we argue that RS should be perceived as catatonia.

What kind of trauma do refugees have?

Refugees can experience traumatic stress related to: War and persecution. Displacement from their home. Flight and migration.

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What causes pervasive refusal?

In pervasive refusal syndrome, the predisposing factor is the child’s premorbid personality style (anxious, high-achieving, perfectionist), the precipitating factors are the events described above such as abuse or loss, and the perpetuating factors include the responses of the parents and clinicians to the child’s …

How many refugee children have PTSD?

Children make up almost half the refugee population worldwide, and represent approximately one-third of asylum seekers. [25] Around 11 per cent are likely to develop PTSD.

Is being a refugee a trauma?

The words ‘trauma’ or ‘traumatized’ are often used to describe refugees, but UNHCR’s Senior Mental Health Officer Pieter Ventevogel says most in fact cope with adversity.

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