What is the most popular Sherwin-Williams blue?

Sherwin Williams Naval SW 6244 Sherwin Williams Naval is the 2020 Color of the Year, so it’s no surprise that this one made it into the top Sherwin Williams Blue paint colors.

What was Sherwin-Williams color of the year?

Evergreen Fog
“We chose Evergreen Fog based on our research of design trends from around the world,” Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, told Real Simple.

What color is Tempest blue?

dark blue
Tempest is a dark blue with a yellow undertone. Depending on the light source or time of day, it may appear as abyss depth waters on the walls. Visualize this color in your own space.

What color is French Country blue?

French Country Blue is a soft, bright, blueberry blue with a wisteria undertone. It is a perfect paint color for a feature wall. Pair it with white cabinetry or marble countertops.

What is the most popular color for Sherwin-Williams?

Top 50 Colors

  • SW 7005 Pure White Interior / Exterior.
  • SW 7029 Agreeable Gray Interior / Exterior.
  • SW 7015 Repose Gray Interior / Exterior.
  • SW 7008 Alabaster Interior / Exterior.
  • SW 7004 Snowbound Interior / Exterior.
  • SW 7036 Accessible Beige Interior / Exterior.
  • SW 6385 Dover White Interior / Exterior.

What color is Tempest GREY?

Jaguar 2200 Tempest Grey Met. color informations

Colour 2200
Manufacturer Jaguar All Jaguar paints
Main color group Grey
Recommended undercoat Dark Grey
Support type Bodywork

What does the color country blue look like?

Country blue is a color from our line of matte acrylic paints, Americana® Acrylics. This light blue has a hint of purple which creates a delicate shade in-between a sky blue and a periwinkle. Light blue shades such as this are known to be peaceful and calming.

What does periwinkle blue looks like?

Periwinkle is a pale indigo color that takes its name from the flower. It is blue with shades of purple and sits between the two in the color wheel. The hex code for periwinkle is #CCCCFF. Periwinkle represents serenity, calmness, winter, and ice.

What color is close to periwinkle blue?

Lavender blue
Lavender blue and periwinkle are very similar and are often seen as the same color.

Is SW sea salt green or blue?

Sea Salt is one of Sherwin Williams most popular paint colors, a delicate green gray blue color that is a chameleon paint color that changes dramatically in different lighting conditions. The less natural light a room receives the more this color with tend towards green.

What color Is SW hinting blue?

Hinting Blue SW 6519 – Purple Paint Color – Sherwin-Williams.

Is navy blue considered a neutral color?

Navy blue is a neutral color. More importantly, it’s a neutral that plays well with other neutrals. This is great news for homes with neutral profiles in the tan AND gray families! Gray is the neutral of choice these days, which seemed to happen overnight.

What is the most popular interior color for Sherwin Williams?

Agreeable Gray
Best Interior Color At Sherwin Williams The top-selling paint color by Sherwin Williams is Agreeable Gray (SW 7029). This popular pick from Sherwin is a softer warm gray paint color that coordinates with most other paint colors. The color is a balanced softer shade that goes with any home style.

What is the most popular color at Sherwin Williams?

What color is Sherwin Williams True Blue?

I wouldn’t call this a true blue – rather this Sherwin Williams color is a perfect blend of blue and gray! With an LRV of 42, this color falls on the mid-end of the scale – which means neither too dark and nor too light!

Which Sherwin Williams paint colors are best for your home?

A great alternative for meditation and kids’ rooms, Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue tends to add a creative yet soothing vibe to your homes. They make a great option for Coastal and even Mediterranean-styled homes. And since their LRV is 58, they tend to fall on the lighter end of the scale – mainly, can also be used to brighten up the interiors!

What color is Oceanside Sherwin Williams?

Oceanside is a vibrant, dark teal that can whisk you away to exotic seascapes or jungles, or let your inner kid out to play. This lively jewel-tone was Sherwin Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year and has a lot of fans. It’s the perfect backdrop for an art wall or to accent a unique collection.

What color is Sherwin Williams North Star?

Not a pure blue but a blend of gray and blue, Sherwin Williams North Star is quite light and pretty. They play big chameleons – so they tend to change their appearances depending upon the incoming natural light.

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