What is the inflorescence in crotalaria?


Eppo code CVTRE
Inflorescence Terminal raceme on a long, axis up to 30 cm long.
Flower Many, with conspicuous yellow petals with purple veins.
Fruit Many-seeded pods about 3-4.5 cm long, becoming inflated dark brown to black at maturity and turning black on drying.
Seed Pale-brown, smooth, hard and about 3mm.

What is a floral formula?

Floral formulae are a system to represent a flower’s structure using specific numbers, letters, and symbols, hence it is a simple way to present salient features of a flower. It portrays the number of parts, floral symmetry, connotation and adnation, ovary position and insertion.

How many pollen grains are formed in crotalaria?

48000 pollen grains
The single plant of crotalaria contains 48000 pollen grains.

What is the floral formula of potato?

Give the floral formula of the potato family. Give the floral formula of family solanaceae. Give the floral formula of family liliaceae. Give the floral formula of family fabaceae….

Chapter Name Morphology Of Flowering Plants
Subject Biology (more Questions)
Class 12th
Type of Answer Video & Image

What is the botanical name of crotalaria?

CrotalariaRattlepods / Scientific name

How do you write a floral flower formula?

How to Write Floral Formula? The writing of floral formula one should start from bract and bracteole then symmetry and sex of flower, calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium. The number of parts of each organ is indicated in figures (1, …… 4, 5) after the relevant symbol (K, C, A, G).

How many stamens are present in crotalaria plant?

10 stamens
Complete Answer: – In a Crotalaria plant, each flower of this plant has 10 stamens. In each stamen there is 4 microsporangia. In these microsporangia, there will be the microspore mother cells.

How many pollen grains are present in 10 flowers of a plant?

48,000 pollen grains
Each microspore mother cell gives rise to a pollen tetrad. Thus, 10 flowers (with 10 stamens in each) having 30 microsporangia in each microsporangium will form 48,000 pollen grains.

What is the floral formula of tomato?

⊕ ⚥ P2A3G1.

What is the floral formula of China Rose?

Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae….Some Common Plants.

Common name Scientific name
China rose flower or shoe flower Hibiscus rosa sinensis
Cotton Gossypium herbaceum
Lady’s finger Hibiscus esculentus
Mallow Malva sylvestris

How many pollen grains are present in 10 flowers of a plant having 10 stamens in each flowers and there are 20 microspore mother cell in each microsporangium?

Each microspore would produce 4 pollen grains, taking the number of pollen grains produced by a flower to 1200X 4=4800. since there are 10 flowers the answer would be 4800×10= 48000 pollen grains.

How many pollen grains are present in 10 flowers of a plant having 10 stamens?

How many pollen grains can be produced in a hibiscus flower with 100 stamens?

As per the question , one microsporangia has 100 microspore mother cells and there are 4 microsporangia per anther, thus one anther has 400 microspore mother cells and therefore 1600 pollen grains will be formed in one anther. so 100 will produce 400 pollen grains.

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