What is the biggest zipline in Costa Rica?

Monteverde Canopy Tour & Cloud Forest Adventures The longest zipline in Costa Rica – 5220 ft (1590 m)! Experience the cloudforest with the adventure of a lifetime on our canopy tour. The experience includes a total of 10 zip lines, a hammock bridge, one rappel, and one ride on the mega Tarzan swing.

What do you wear zip lining in Costa Rica?

Wear clothing that’s not tight and not loose. You’ll need to be able to move your arms and legs around without your clothes billowing in the breeze – or falling off! You can wear shorts, but be sure they’re long enough for a harness to fit overtop, rather than chafe your legs. Wear close-toed shoes without a heel.

Which zipline is better Monteverde or Arenal?

As a general rule, you should zipline in Arenal if you are looking for a more laid-back zipline experience. On the other hand, you should zipline in Monteverde if you want a more adventurous zipline experience. Zipline tours in Arenal are more relaxed, shorter, and less physically challenging.

Can I use my phone while ziplining?

Ask if you can bring your camera with you while on the zipline. Or ask if you can use your phone for something like Snapchat while on the zipline. Even if the operator does allow you to hold your phone or camera, determine whether you want to take the risk of your equipment possibly being dropped.

Is it scary to go on a zipline?

Not terrifying, but zip lines will definitely make your heart pound. The scariest part of riding a zip line is jumping off the platform. You have to fight your natural instincts and put trust in your guides and gear to finally make that jump — but it’s worth it.

How high is the Costa Rica zipline?

About The Sky Trek Canopy Tour There are 9 cable systems, the longest of which is 2,525 feet long (770 m) and 456 feet (130 m) high. Sky Trek’s cables in total stretch 1.9 miles (3 km) long. The system is integrated with a 2,625 foot (800 m) aerial tram through primary forest.

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