What is plunger mute?

Initially formed by removing the rubber end from an actual plunger (clean, hopefully) and cutting a hole into the middle to release sound, the plunger mute allows brass instruments to create a vocal-like cry.

Is a Harmon mute a cup mute?

The harmon mute, also known as the wa-wa, wow-wow, or wah-wah mute, is available for trumpet and trombone and is mainly used in jazz. Unlike the cup and straight mutes, it has a cork that completely blocks airflow around the mute.

Should a plunger mute have a hole?

By cutting a hole in the middle of the plunger, you will relieve any possibility of total closer of the air through your mute. If the mute is totally sealed to the bell, your notes will break and you will have less control of intonation.

Why do trumpet players use plungers?

PLUNGER MUTE The mute is held in the performer’s hand and used to cover and uncover the bell to create a “wah-wah” sound. Using a plunger, an excellent player can make the trumpet sound almost like it’s talking!

What’s inside a trumpet mute?

The mute is held in place by three pieces of cork. This mute produces a kind of stuffy sound when it’s made from cardboard (the “Stonelined” mute) and a more piercing, brighter sound when made out of aluminum. The straight mute recorded example is of a trumpet using a straight mute made from aluminum.

Do trumpet players use toilet plungers?

Does a trumpet mute change the pitch?

Playing with a mute Since mutes are placed in the path of the trumpet’s air column, they have the possibility of slightly altering the trumpet’s pitch. In general, mutes that go into the bell may make the pitch sharp, since the air column is being effectively shortened.

What are the different trumpet mutes?

The most common types of mutes are the Straight Mute, Cup Mute, Harmon Mute, Plunger Mute, Bucket Mute, and Silencer or Practice Mute.

  • STRAIGHT MUTE. The straight mute is cone shaped with an opening at the small end.

How are Harmon mutes made?

HARMON MUTE Harmon mutes are usually made from aluminum, and have two pieces; a large round large bulb-shaped piece, and a smaller stem piece that fits inside. It can be played with the stem either inside or left out, and most compositions that call for a Harmon mute will tell you what position to place the stem.

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