What is microfusion pool finish?

Microfusion blends the smallest sized micro pebbles on today’s market. The lustrous smoothness combined with the gleaming brilliance of its vibrant colors makes this the pool finish of many discerning customers.

Is quartz pool worth finishing?

Quartz base products are more cost efficient. Quartz has a tendency to crack more frequently than pebble. In the long term, pebble is more durable and has less discolorations. If the design calls for plaster to be exposed above the water line, pebble will be the only option.

Which is better Pebble Tec vs wet edge?

Unlike Wet Edge, Pebble Tec utilizes superior material that is able to enhance the look and feel of backyards with naturally tumbled stones and the finest pebbles from all across the world.

Is Pebble Tec better than gunite?

Pebble Tec is on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Pebble Tec is a mix of large pebbles, stone aggregate, and cement. This is the most durable of the plaster pool types as its surface last from 15 to 20 years +. Pebble Tec is the top choice for gunite pool buyers.

Which is better PebbleTec vs wet edge?

How much more is Pebble Tec than quartz?

Pebble surfaces are luxury upgrades that require a bigger budget than marcite and quartz aggregate. Expect to pay about 45 to 60 percent more than marcite. In fact, for a medium-sized, 20,000-gallon pool, figure on it adding at least two to three thousand dollars to the finish cost.

What is the difference between Pebble Tec and StoneScapes?

Pebbletec does have their certified application training and licensing. However, the materials are twice the cost. When I talked to my sub, her told me the pebbles are the same in both products, the stonescapes are $14.00 a bag and Pebbletec is $28.00 a bag.

Is PebbleTec better than gunite?

Which is better PebbleTec or wet edge?

Is Diamond Brite pool worth it?

Diamond Brite With a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, and with a stunning appearance, it is an excellent choice for some pools. This option provides the best bang for the buck – it is truly beautiful and durable, but it just doesn’t feel as luxurious as our all-time favorite plaster, Hydrazzo (see below).

How long does Diamondbrite ceramic last?

Its blend of ceramic synthetics combine to provide a durable silky smooth, deep gloss finish that can last for up to three months if a vehicle is washed regularly using Diamondbrite Max Foam Shampoo and Diamondbrite Conserver as wash additives following application.

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