What is meant by invalid carriage?

As per the definition by the Motor Vehicles Act, an invalid carriage means a motor vehicle specially designed and constructed, and not merely adapted, for the use of a person suffering from some physical defect or disability, and used solely by or for such a person.

What happened to the Invacar?

On 31 March 2003, all Invacars owned by the government were recalled and scrapped because of safety concerns. The veteran vehicle could not meet modern-day government regulations, which required approval under the Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval scheme as part of a standard set by the European Union.

Who made Invacar?

Invacar Ltd was run by the same people who built the Greeves motorcycles, and this company built the very first Invacar in 1948. Invacar was based in Thundersley, which is perhaps why these blue (they were all ice blue) three-wheelers are often known as Thundersley Invacars.

What is Mcwog in Licence?

MCWOG/FVG. Motorcycles with any engine capacity, but without gears, including mopeds and scooters. LMV. LMV-TR. Light motor vehicles that are used for non-transport/transport purposes.

What is a Class 3 invalid carriage?

Class 3 invalid carriages cover scooters and that are legal for road use. These vehicles are capable of a top sped of 6 – 8mph on roads and are not suitable for indoor use. As such the rules and regulations regarding class 3 scooters are much stricter than their class 2 counterparts.

What happened to Blue disabled cars?

You won’t have done. On 31 March 2003, they were banned from use on roads in the United Kingdom because of safety concerns. They were all called in and crushed, though a few survive in museums and private ownership.

Can you drive Invacar on the road?

Production actually ceased in 1977, but they remained in use until 31 March 2003. The UK government deemed the Invacar to be unsafe and ordered a total destruction of all remaining examples. Some 50 cars a week were being crushed as it became illegal to drive an Invacar on any public road.

What were the blue disabled cars called?

the Invacar
Known generically as the Invacar, this was actually the brand name of one of the models available – the light blue Thundersley or AC Invacar which are the ones people remember most. Not overly stylish, even their own drivers referred to them as “Noddy cars”.

Is Activa a MCWG or Mcwog?

MCWOG means Motor Cycle Without Gear. As Activa does not have manual gears, it will be considered as MCWOG. Honda Activa is a MCWOG vehicle.

Can I drive scooty with Mcwog?

No you cannot. MC EX50CC means motorcycle over 50cc. For you to drive a car you need to have an LMV (light motor vehicle)endorsement on your license.

What is a Class 2 invalid vehicle?

Class 2 invalid carriages are defined as mechanically propelled invalid carriages with an upper speed limit of 4 mph. They are designed to be used on pavements.

How do I register a Class 3 invalid carriage?

You do not have to pay vehicle tax for any mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, but you still need to register Class 3 invalid carriages. To register a Class 3 invalid carriage (mobility scooter or powered wheelchair) completer form V55/4 for new vehicles or V55/4 for used vehicles.

What is a Bond Bug?

The Bond Bug is a small British two-seat, three-wheeled automobile which was designed by Tom Karen of Ogle Design for Reliant Motor Company, who built it from 1970 to 1974, initially at Bond Cars Ltd factory, but subsequently at Reliant’s Tamworth factory.

Is TVS Jupiter Mcwog?

You have a MCWOG which stands for Motor Cycle With Out Gear. It includes any two wheeler which doesn’t have gears or runs on a CVT platform . You can drive Honda Activa 6g and Tvs Jupiter both , also you can drive electrics scooters such as Ather 450x and Bajaj Chetak electric too .

What is a Class 2 invalid carriage?

A class 2 invalid carriage is the category given to a mechanically propelled mobility vehicle with a maximum top speed of 4mph. As such this class covers 4mph scooters, lightweight pavement scooters, boot scooters or folding mobility scooters.

What is a Class 2 wheelchair?

Class 2 powered wheelchairs and scooters are sometimes referred to as 4 mph scooters, lightweight scooters, or even boot scooters. As you might have guessed from some of the above phrases, these scooters are lightweight, portable and have a top speed of 4 mph.

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