What is an Eiapp certificate?

An EIAPP certificate is the internationally’accepted documentation that a specific engine meets the international NOX emission limits for diesel engines set out in Regulation 13 of Annex VI. An EIAPP certificate for any engine installed on a U.S. vessel must be issued by EPA.

What must be included in Eiapp?

What information is contained on the EIAPP Certificate?

  • Engine.
  • Manufacturer.
  • Model number.
  • Serial number.
  • Test cycle(s)
  • Rated power (kW) and speed (RPM)
  • Engine approval number.

What is the full meaning of Eiapp?

Based on 32 documents. 32. EIAPP Certificate means the Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate issued in accordance with the Convention; Sample 1Sample 2.

What is NOX certificate?

A pre-certification survey which shall be such as to ensure that the engine, as designed and equipped, complies with the NOX emission limits contained in regulation 13 of Annex VI. If this survey confirms compliance, the Administration shall issue an Engine International Air Pollution Prevention (EIAPP) Certificate.

How is Eiapp certificate issued?

2.1. 3 The EIAPP must be issued by a Certifying Authority on all ships subject to Regulation 11 of the Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships) Regulations 2008 that are issued with either an IAPP or UKAPP certificate.

What are the statutory certificates?

– Those certificates which are required by the law with respect to safety and environment protection that the vessel is required to comply with, are called statutory certificates.

WHO issues Eiapp certificate?

The EIAPP certificate documents that the specific engine meets the international NOx limits specified in Regulation 13 of MARPOL Annex VI. EIAPP certificates for all MAN B&W engines on US-flagged vessels must be issued by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What is Marpol regulation?

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) is the main international convention covering prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes. The MARPOL Convention was adopted on 2 November 1973 at IMO.

What is certificate of registry?

Article 91 of UNCLOS 111(1982) requires every state to issue ships which it has granted the rights to fly its flag a document to that effect which is known as the “certificate of registry”. The Nigerian Ship Registration Office (NSRO) is empowered to register ships in accordance with the following Acts: I.

What is statutory and mandatory certificate?

Statutory certificates are required by the statute. Statute means law. So these are the certificates that are required by the law. Mandatory certificates, as the name suggests are mandatory to carry on board.

When the renewal survey for an IAPP Certificate is completed after the expiry date of this certificate the new IAPP Certificate will be valid?

(4) If a renewal survey has been completed and a new IAPP Certificate cannot be issued or placed on board the ship before the expiry date of the existing certificate, a qualified person may endorse the existing certificate and such a certificate shall be accepted as valid for a further period which shall not exceed 5 …

What are the list of documents and certificates required on board?

List of certificates and documents required to be carried on…

  • Certificate of Registry.
  • International Tonnage Certificate.
  • International Load Line Certificate.
  • International Load Line Exemption Certificate.
  • International Ship Security Certificate.
  • Intact Stability Certificate.
  • Minimum Safe Manning Document.

What is SOx compliance?

A SOX compliance audit is a mandated yearly assessment of how well your company is managing its internal controls and the results are made available to shareholders. The primary purpose of a SOX compliance audit is to verify the company’s financial statements, however, cybersecurity is increasingly important.

How long is a certificate of registry valid for?

A certificate of registry is valid for 5 years. If the ownership of the ship changes during that 5 year period, a new certificate will be issued which will be valid for 5 years.

How important is ship certificate?

International Ship Construction Certificate: As required by SOLAS Chapter II-1, this certificate verifies safe and secure ship construction. Various documents must also accompany this certificate, including construction drawings, damage control plans and a coating technical file, among others.

What are statutory certificates?

What is required for SOX certification?

SOX Compliance Requirements SOX requires that all financial reports include an Internal Controls Report. This report should show that the company’s financial data is accurate (a 5% variance is permitted) and that appropriate and adequate controls are in place to ensure that the data is secure.

How do I request a revised eiapp certificate?

——-f If the running change affects information displayed on the face of the EIAPP certificate, you must submit a request to EPA for a revised certificate. This may include changes in the configurations, duty cycles, emission rates, and NOx Technical File ID number. In this case, EPA would issue a revised EIAPP certificate.

Why is my eiapp certificate showing as n/a?

After the Expiration Date: o EPA’s electronic system generates all certificates with a placeholder for an Expiration Date, which usually prints “N/A” on EIAPP certificates.

Can EPA print text from two different eiapp certificates?

——-f administratively, EPA will print text on affected EIAPP certificates cross-referencing the ID of the other certificate. Further, if you produce a single NOx Technical File to describe both Tier II and Tier III operation, the name of the file referenced on the Tier II EIAPP certificate may need to be updated.

What is a Tier II eiapp certificate?

As a practical way to implement the vessel-based provisions of MARPOL Annex VI in EPA’s engine-based certification program, EPA will issue you a limited-application Tier II EIAPP certificate for new engines you wish to sell for installation in eligible vessels.

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