What HP is Triumph Tiger 800?

95 HP
2020 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Models As with all submodels of the Tiger 800 model line, these bikes share the same 800cc DOHC liquid-cooled inline triple that produces 95 HP and 58 lbs-ft of torque, passing through a 6-speed transmission.

Is a Triumph Tiger a 800 shaft drive?

The Triumph Tiger 800 is a dual-sport motorcycle launched in 2010 by British manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles….Triumph Tiger 800.

Manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles
Transmission 6-speed, chain drive
Frame type Steel trellis
Suspension Front: Upside down forks Rear: Aluminium swingarm & mono-shock

Does Triumph Tiger 800 have cruise control?

All the Tigers’ essential adventure standards are maintained with ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, cruise control, heated seats and grips (on selected models), power sockets, and a two-position seat height (810-830mm on XR models, 840-860mm on XC models) adjustable by 20mm to suite riding style and terrain …

When did Triumph Tiger 800 get cruise control?

Tiger 800 XRx. The 2015 MY Triumph Tiger 800 XRx is the same road-oriented, adventure bike, as the XR but has the added bonus of a standard cruise control system, which allows the rider to focus more on the scenery when cruising, and significantly reduces fatigue on longer hauls.

What engine is in Tiger 800?

The Tiger 800 XR is a more road-oriented bike, while the Tiger 800 XC is designed as a more off-road vehicle….Triumph Tiger 800.

Manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles
Engine 799 cc (48.8 cu in), inline-3, 12-valve, DOHC
Bore / stroke 74.0 mm × 61.9 mm (2.91 in × 2.44 in)
Top speed 210 km/h (130 mph)
Ignition type Electronic

Is the Triumph Tiger shaft drive?

While the shaft drive remains, it’s been completely redesigned. Triumph have ditched the old Tiger 1200’s single-sided swingarm in favour of a more conventional twin-spar design, resulting in a considerably slimmed-down bevel box.

What are the different Triumph Tiger 800 models?

There are 6 models on 2 variants: Road-oriented: XR (base model), XRx, XRx LOW and XRt with cast aluminium alloy wheels and 19″ front tire and Showa suspension. Dual sport: XC (base model), XCx and XCA with spoke wheels and 21″ front tire and WP suspension with longer travel.

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