What does titillated mean?

Definition of titillate transitive verb. 1 : to excite pleasurably : arouse by stimulation. 2 : tickle sense 1. intransitive verb. : to act as a stimulant to pleasurable excitement.

How do you use titillating in a sentence?

1. The photos, which include some mildly titillating semi-nude shots of the actress, will be on display for a week. 2. A titillating evening of non-stop misadventure awaits.

What is a Tilate?

to allow, permit, let happen.

What is the synonym of tantalizing?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tantalizing, like: mouthwatering, excite, razzing, disenchanting, tormenting, alluring, titillating, bailing, fascinating, exciting and twitting.

What is the meaning of a Tillite?

tillite, sedimentary rock that consists of consolidated masses of unweathered blocks (large, angular, detached rock bodies) and glacial till (unsorted and unstratified rock material deposited by glacial ice) in a rock flour (matrix or paste of unweathered rock).

What does tantalizing someone mean?

tantalize \TAN-tuh-lyze\ verb. : to tease or torment by or as if by presenting something desirable to the view but continually keeping it out of reach.

Is Tillite a mineral or a rock?

Tillite is a clastic sedimentary rock, formed by the burial and subsequent hardening of a glacial till. The component particles are unsorted and may be of any size including large boulders.

What is Tillite in geography?

Tillite (also called diamictite and mixtite) is made up of sediment that was carried or deposited by a glacier and later cemented to form rock. It consists of a fairly fine-grained matrix that contains pebble to larger size pieces of distinctive rock types.

What is your indecorous?

indecorous, improper, unseemly, unbecoming, indelicate mean not conforming to what is accepted as right, fitting, or in good taste. indecorous suggests a violation of accepted standards of good manners.

What is a indelicate person?

a(1) : lacking in or offending against propriety : improper. (2) : verging on the indecent : coarse. b : marked by a lack of feeling for the sensibilities of others : tactless.

What is another word for tantalizing?

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