What does St. Vitus dance mean?

Sydenham’s chorea, also known as chorea minor and historically and occasionally referred to as St Vitus’ dance, is a disorder characterized by rapid, uncoordinated jerking movements primarily affecting the face, hands and feet.

What is the technical name for St. Vitus dance?

Sydenham chorea, also known as St. Vitus dance, is a neuropsychiatric manifestation of rheumatic fever with an incidence varying from 5 to 35%. It may occur alone or concomitantly with other manifestations of rheumatic fever.

Is there a cure for St. Vitus dance?

Treatment. There is no specific treatment for Sydenham’s chorea and symptoms usually resolve themselves in approximately 3 to 6 months. Bed rest, sedatives and medication to control movements may be prescribed. Penicillin prophylaxis may also be prescribed to avoid further streptococcal infection.

What is St. Vitus known for?

Vitus is one of the Fourteen Martyrs who give aid in times of trouble. He is specifically invoked against chorea, which is called St. Vitus Dance.

What is St Vitus Day?

When is St. Vitus Day?

When is St. Vitus Day?
This year (2022) June 28 (Tuesday) Multiple dates – more
Next year (2023) June 28 (Wednesday) Multiple dates – more
Last year (2021) June 28 (Monday) Multiple dates – more

What is Saint Vitus famous for?

St. Vitus is widely venerated as the patron saint of epilepsy. He is also the patron saint of dancers, actors, comedians, oversleeping, boilermakers, Sydenham’s chorea (Saint Vitus’ Dance), and several cities including Prague and Rijeka.

What happened to St. Vitus?

Vitus was a Christian saint from Sicily. He died as a martyr during the persecution of Christians by co-ruling Roman Emperors Diocletian and Maximian in 303.

What are some of the best dance songs about St Vitus?

The song “St. Vitus’ Dance” by the British metal band Black Sabbath on their album Black Sabbath Vol. 4 The song “St. Vitus Dance” by the band Bauhaus on their album In the Flat Field The song “St. Vitus Dance” by the Spanish band Nancys Rubias.

How did St Vitus become a saint?

The earliest record of St. Vitus becoming a saint was when Pope Saint Gelasius I dedicated a shrine to St. Vitus, between 492 AD and 496 AD, and possibly removed his remains from the grave to the shrine. This is considered to be equivalent to today’s canonization.

Can St Vitus help with epilepsy?

St. Vitus was venerated as one of the “Fourteen Holy Helpers.” The “Fourteen Holy Helpers” are fourteen ancient saints believed to be effective when prayed to for common ailments and pains. Within this group, St. Vitus is invoked for epilepsy.

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