What does O&I stand for?


Acronym Definition
O&I Office and Industrial
O&I Organization & Information
O&I Operations & Intelligence
O&I Organizational & Intermediate

What is an O and I brief army?

Operations and Intelligence + 1 variant. Army, Special Operations, Intelligence.

What are the four steps of an effective briefing?

What are the four steps to the briefing process?

  • Plan — analyze the situation and prepare a briefing outline.
  • Prepare — collect information and construct the briefing.
  • Execute — deliver the briefing.
  • Assess — follow up as required.

How can I be good at briefing?

10 tips for better briefing

  1. Try not to make your mind up before you start.
  2. Be honest about what you DO want to see.
  3. Make the brief a conversation.
  4. Prepare the basics.
  5. Involve all the right people.
  6. Don’t feel you can’t say you don’t know.
  7. Trust your designer.
  8. Trust yourself.

What are executional considerations?

Executional Considerations This is a space for things like technical specifications, notes on file delivery, paper size/weight, etc. This can be omitted if it isn’t applicable.

What are the four types of military briefings?

The Four Types of Army Briefings There are four types of Army briefings: the information briefing, the decision briefing, the mission briefing, and the staff briefing.

WHAT ARE THE ABCs OF A military briefing?

It should possess the ABCs of military briefings: accuracy, brevity, and clarity. In some cases you may use the operation order (OPORD) format if it doesn’t result in unnecessary repetition.

How do I get better at briefing?

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