What does duoviri?

duoviri, also spelled Duumviri, singular Duovir, or Duumvir, in ancient Rome, a magistracy of two men. Duoviri perduellionis were two judges, selected by the chief magistrate, who tried cases of crime against the state.

What was a Vigintivirate?

Noun. vigintivirate (plural vigintivirates) A group of twenty people, especially (politics) a council of twenty men sharing an office or rule and particularly (historical) such an administrative council in ancient Rome.

Which emperor abandoned Roman control over Dacia?

Aurelian (270–275) would formally relinquish Roman Dacia in 271 or 275 AD. He evacuated his troops and civilian administration from Dacia, and founded Dacia Aureliana with its capital at Serdica in Lower Moesia.

What was the role of the quattuorviri?

The office was determined by election and lasted one year. They were also expected to deal with public finance of a city, deal with proceedings in the Ordo decurionum, the town council’, and run the elections in the comitium or assembly. Combined with the aediles, they formed the quattuorviri, a board of four officials.

What is a duumviri quinquennial?

Duumviri quinquennales were also municipal officers, not to be confused with the above, who were elected every fifth year for one year to exercise the function of the censorship which was in abeyance for the intervening four years.

Who were the Duumviri viis extra urbem purgandis?

Duumviri viis extra urbem purgandis were subordinate officers under the aediles, whose duty it was to look after those streets of Rome which were outside the city walls. They were members of the group of vigintisexviri.

What is Duumviri aedi locandae?

Duumviri aedi locandae were originally officers specially appointed to supervise the erection of a temple, if a higher magistrate such as a consul, praetor, or censor, was not managing it. These were sometimes the same as the duumviri aedi dedicandae .

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