What does Bahnhof?

train station, the ~ Noun. ‐ terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goods.

Where is Bahnhof data center?

of Stockholm
The Bahnhof Data Center is a Hollywood-style Swedish data center situated in a former nuclear bunker, deep in the bedrock right beneath the city of Stockholm. It was constructed to be able to survive a blast by a hydrogen bomb.

How do you spell Bahnhof?

In German a bahnhof is a train station.

What is the meaning of Central Station?

1 : a central electric-power-generating plant. 2 : a communications center especially on a warship.

How do you spell Hauptbahnhof?

Meanings for Hauptbahnhof Learn more about the word “Hauptbahnhof” , its origin, alternative forms, and usage from Wiktionary.

How do you pronounce Bahnhof?


  1. IPA: /ˈhaʊ̯pt.baːnˌhoːf/ (standard)
  2. IPA: /ˈhaʊ̯.paˌnoːf/ (casual speech)
  3. Audio. 0:02. (file)

How many types of stations are there?

There is a difference in the names of stations, like some are named Junction, some as Terminus and some are named Central. So, have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Junction, Terminus, Central and a Railway Station? Railway stations are mainly differentiated into 4 types.

Where is Haupt from?

Haupt (a German word), in the broadest sense means something on the top of a hierarchy.

What is difference between terminal and junction?

Terminal literally translates to termination. In context of a railway station, it is the termination of track, where each incoming track ends at stop-blocks and does not go any further. Junction is a station where three or more train lines converge or diverge.

What does Haupt mean?

Haupt (a German word), in the broadest sense means something on the top of a hierarchy.

What does the name Haupt mean?

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Middle High German houbet, German Haupt ‘head’; generally, a descriptive nickname for someone with a big head, or perhaps a designation of the head of a guild or other group.

What is PL train?

Welfare Measures. Leave Rules. Granted to male Railway employees (including Apprentices) with less than 2 surviving children. Granted for 15 days.

What do they call Uber in Germany?

In the German capital, Uber offers the following services: UberX, UberTaxi, and UberTaxi Van.

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