What does an ATEM switcher do?

All ATEM switchers feature a powerful built in multi channel audio mixer! You can mix your camera audio and other video sources from both HDMI and SDI inputs, as well as external audio from the analog XLR and HiFi audio inputs.

Can ATEM control other cameras?

All video and control is via a simple HDMI connection that lets you connect to your ATEM Mini with a single cable! That means you can remotely control any setting in the camera plus focus, iris and zoom on supported lenses.

What Atem means?

According to a user from Tennessee, U.S., the name Atem is of Egyptian origin and means “Gift of god”. According to a user from Illinois, U.S., the name Atem is of Egyptian origin and means “Bringer of light, complete, made/to make whole, unity”

What is an ME in production?

An ME stands for Mix Effects Bus. To understand what this is we will break down each word. First, we can start with M or Mix. Mixing is the combination of two or more elements. At its most basic function, a video switcher does just this by mixing different sources such as multiple cameras or a GFX source.

Can ATEM control PTZ?

Most ATEM switchers have the ability to control PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) actions on supported cameras and PTZ heads. There are two basic methods for controlling these cameras. 1. Using the RS-422 interface available on the supported ATEM switcher hardware.

Is Atem an Egyptian name?

In ancient Egyptian religion and mythology, Atum (also called Atem, Atmu, Tem, or Temu) was a predynastic solar deity who came to be associated with the evening or with the setting sun. He was credited as being the father of the twins Shu and Tefnut.

What is a mix effect bus?

A mix bus is a channel through which you send your instrument channels. So when you apply an effect to the bus track, it adds that effect to every channel routed to it. The best metaphor for a mix bus is an actual bus. Imagine that all of the channels in your DAW are people. And the mix bus channel is an actual bus.

What will the auto transition or mix button do on a switcher?

To dissolve between two sources (which is considered a ‘mix’), first select the MIX button in the Transitions box and then preview the source you want it to go to in the PREV bus. When you press the AUTO button the dissolve will happen at a preset rate, which is displayed as the ‘Take Rate’ just under the T-bar.

How old is Atem?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop

Pharaoh Atem Aknamkanon
Age 18 (physically) 5018 (spiritually)
Birthdate 3018 B.C.
Gender Male
Affiliation His friends, family, and the forces of good

Do I need a mix bus?

Mix bus EQing is helpful for making small tweaks to a group of tracks as a whole. If a group of vocal tracks together create an overpowering feel, you can bus them to an EQ track and cut or boost. Or if your cymbals need a bit of shimmer, use a mix bus EQ.

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