What discoveries did Isaac Newton make?

Newton’s method
Reflecting telescope
Isaac Newton/Inventions

When did Isaac Newton make his first discovery?

He set down in his notebook a series of “Quaestiones” about mechanical philosophy as he found it. In 1665, he discovered the generalised binomial theorem and began to develop a mathematical theory that later became calculus.

What was Newton’s best discovery?

New Scientist once described Isaac Newton as “the supreme genius and most enigmatic character in the history of science.” His three greatest discoveries — the theory of universal gravitation, the nature of white light and calculus — are the reasons why he is considered such an important figure in the history of science …

How did Isaac Newton invent calculus?

His focus on gravity and laws of motion are linked to his breakthrough in calculus. Newton started by trying to describe the speed of a falling object. When he did this, he found that the speed of a falling object increases every second, but that there was no existing mathematical explanation for this.

Who discovered gravity first before Newton?

In the early 17th century, Galileo Galilei found that all objects tend to accelerate equally in free fall. In 1632, he put forth the basic principle of relativity.

Who really invented gravity?

Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton changed the way we understand the Universe. Revered in his own lifetime, he discovered the laws of gravity and motion and invented calculus. He helped to shape our rational world view. But Newton’s story is also one of a monstrous ego who believed that he alone was able to understand God’s creation.

What did Isaac Newton discover about the universe?

Even though now superseded by general relativity, Newton’s idea of gravitation serves well in understanding the motion of planets and stars to incredible accuracy. Newton was fascinated with the field of optics and not surprisingly, made some major discoveries. His prime focus was unraveling the nature of light and its properties.

What is the timeline of Isaac Newton’s life?

Timeline December 25, 1642: ·Birth of Isaac Newton in Woolsthorpe, England January 1646: ·Hannah Newton remarries and moves away, leaving her son to be raised by an uncle. January 30, 1649: ·Charles I beheaded by Cromwell and the Puritans.

What did Isaac Newton do in 1669?

1669: ·Newton appointed Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Trinity, a position he will hold for the next thirty-four years. February 1672: ·Newton’s paper on optics and his prism experiments sent to the Society.

What books did Isaac Newton publish in 1710?

1710 – September – Newton moves to a new house on St Martin’s Street; he publishes: De natura acidorum, Enumeratio and De quadratura Lexicon technicum. 1711 – Newton publishes Analysis per quantitatum.

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