What did Kyrie Irving do to his ankle?

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving missed the second half of Game 4 of his team’s second-round playoff series with the Milwaukee Bucks after spraining his ankle midway through the second quarter.

What is Kyrie’s signature move?

You could go in a bunch of directions with Kyrie Irving, much like his ball-handling when isolated on a perimeter defender. Irving has devastating crossovers, pull-ups and up-and-under finishes, but it’s his lightning-quick and compressed spin move that stands out the most.

Who is the better player Steph Curry or Kyrie Irving?

His stats, however, suggest that Kyrie Irving is still far from overtaking Stephen Curry. However, Kyrie’s ball-handling skills are superior to Curry’s. Kyrie Irving’s attacking style of the play revolves around dribbling and finishing in the box through layouts.

What was Kyrie’s injury?

Kyrie Irving’s troublesome injury history, surgeries, and future implications. Recent surgery to remove 2 screws and clear up an infection in Kyrie Irving’s knee has ruled him out for the rest of this season. According to the Celtics medical staff, he will likely miss 4 to 5 months.

What is Steph Curry’s signature move?

#1 Step Back This is Curry’s bread and butter. It’s simple, yet impossible to stop by anyone right now. Just ask Iman Shumpert, who completely freezes up above (1:02). For all of his ball-handling abilities, Curry will always be a better shooter.

Is Kyrie injured 2016?

Kyrie Irving Injury History: 2016 A fractured left kneecap meant that Irving didn’t make his season debut until late December, and he only played limited minutes when he did return. Irving missed 29 games this year, and 25 were because of his knee.

How does Kyrie have such good handles?

After watching a documentary about Baron Davis, Kyrie Irving learned that tying a plastic bag around his basketball could take his ball-handling skills to the next level. This easy household trick helped Baron Davis master his handles when he was young and couldn’t afford to get personalized training.

Why is Kyrie more skilled than Curry?

Kyrie’s bag is perhaps the best in the history of the NBA, and he has a lower turnover percentage than Curry over the course of his career (2.6% to Curry’s 3.1%). So, when it comes to all the major statistical “skill” categories, Steph has Kyrie beat.

Is steph Curry skilled?

Golden State Warriors point guard and reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry has started the 2015-16 NBA season by blitzing opposing defenses with stunning regularity, and according to one legendary floor general, Curry may be the most skilled player to ever grace the Association’s hardwood with his presence.

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