What are the different types of HMMWV?

The Humvee has four different models, namely A2 series vehicles, reliability extended vehicles, expanded-capacity vehicles, and international vehicles.

How much does an army HMMWV cost?


High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)
Manufacturer AM General
Unit cost $220,000 (2011) (up-armored) (equivalent to $254,717 in 2020)
Produced 1984–present
No. built 281,000

Do Humvees have AC?

The military humvee interior lacks an air conditioning system, as well as a stereo. Similarly, the seats are minimal, with a short backrest and limited back support. These military grade humvees are built only to get the job done, without any flashy features or distractions.

Are Humvees good cars?

Humvees are maintainable, reliable, and built to survive. They meet all of these requirements while incorporating new standards of reliability for combat vehicles. Available in 15 configurations, the Humvee has 44 interchangeable parts, translating to fewer training hours for mechanics who maintain it.

What is an M1151 HMMWV?

PERFORMANCE— The M1151 is an Expanded Capacity Armament Carrier IAP/Armor Ready HMMWV. Designed as an armament carrier, the M1151 provides for the mounting and firing of various weapons systems which are ring-mounted with a 360 degree arc of fire.

What is an M1152A1 Humvee?

The M1152A1 HMMWV (Humvee) is an improved cargo/troop carrier configuration of the HMMWV family, used primarily to transport personnel, but could also be used as a shelter carrier. The M1152A1 as the other members of the HMMWV is manufactured by the American Company AM General.

What is the difference between the M1152A1 and M1114?

The M1152A1 could be fitted with a default A-Kit armor package, with the option of addition B-Kit packages offering more protection. The B-Kit for 2-door cargo/troop carrier HMMWVs, known as the B2 kit, included perimeter armor, overhead armor, and rear ballistic bulkhead, bringing the vehicle up to a similar level of protection as the M1114.

When did the M1152A1 come out?

The first production of the M1152A1 was started in 2004. As an Expanded Capacity Vehicle, the M1152 is specifically designed for use over all types of roads, as well as cross-country terrain, and in all weather conditions without sacrificing mobility, dependability or performance.

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