What are some unknown Olympic sports?

5 Unusual Olympic Sports

  • Plunge for Distance. diving © sima/Fotolia.
  • Obstacle Swim. obstacle swim © Suzanne Tucker/Dreamstime.com.
  • Roque. Roque, anyone?
  • Live Pigeon Shooting. skeet shooting © laura.h/Shutterstock.com.
  • Running Deer Shooting. deer target © Reinekke/Shutterstock.com.

What is the most underrated Olympic sport?

So to make sure every Olympic viewing is a gold medal, here are the four of the most underrated events you should tune into this summer.

  • Handball.
  • Badminton.
  • Canoe slalom.
  • Trampoline.

What is the most obscure sport?

Plus, with the NFL going away, you’ll need something to entertain you this fall.

  • Extreme Ironing.
  • Wife Carrying.
  • Underwater Hockey.
  • Bossaball.
  • Zorbing.
  • Cheese Rolling.
  • Parkour.
  • Bog Snorkelling.

Is poker an Olympic sport?

Jeffrey answered, “No. Poker should not be an Olympic sport as governed by the IOC, but it should be a part of the World Mind Sport Games.”

What is an obscure sport?

Ultimate Tazer Ball — involves players carrying a real taser gun and using it on opponents to gain possession of the ball. Underwater Cycling — s a sport that involves riding a bicycle under water. Unicycle Football — a variation of American football in which players move around the field using a unicycle.

Is ping-pong an Olympic sport?

YesTable tennis / Current Olympic sport?

Is ping-pong an Olympic sport? Yes, table tennis became an Olympic sport in 1988 with its debut at the Games in Seoul, South Korea.

Was bowling ever an Olympic sport?

Bowling was featured in the Summer Olympic Games demonstration programme in 1988 in at the Seoul’s Royal Bowling Center on 18 September 1988. A total of 20 nations competed in the men’s and women’s tournament.

Is billiards an Olympic sport?

NoCue sports / Current Olympic sport?

Is there foosball in the Olympics?

With the dawn of the twenty-first century, foosball was becoming more recognized as a sport. The International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) was founded in 2002. Rules and regulations were agreed upon and there was a push to have foosball included in the Olympics.

What is the most unheard of sport?

25 Most Obscure Sports In The World

  • Bo-taoshi. Bo-taoshi is Japanese for “pole-pulldown,” and it’s intense.
  • Extreme Ironing.
  • Ga-ga ball.
  • Cheese Rolling.
  • Snow Polo.
  • Kaninhop (Bunny Jumping)
  • Underwater Hockey (Octopush)
  • Roller Derby.
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