What are Shiny Brite ornaments worth?

Originally sold at Woolworth for as little as 2 cents for six, Shiny Brites are still popular today. Value: $12.

How do you date a Shiny Brite ornament?

Dating of the ornaments is often facilitated by studying the hook. The first Shiny Brite ornaments had the traditional metal cap and loop, with the hook attached to the loop, from which the ornament was hung from the tree.

When did Shiny Brite go out of business?

They remained affordable for families and flourished until plastic ornaments came on the scene in the late 1950s. For reasons I guess had to do with durability and cost, plastic was preferred over glass, and the Shiny Brite company closed their doors in 1962.

Is Shiny Brite ornaments still in business?

Once the ornaments were produced, they were shipped to Eckardt’s factories in the US where they were painted by hand. But in the 60s, with the need for cheap, unbreakable ornaments, Shiny Brites began to decline in popularity and soon after, the Shiny Brite company closed its doors.

Are Shiny Brite ornaments mercury glass?

December 23, 2020. These festive baubles are mid-20th century Christmas tree ornaments from our historic artifact collection. This collection features two very popular types of ornaments, the iconic Shiny Brites and imported mercury glass.

How old are Shiny Brite ornaments?

First made in Germany in the late 1930s, Shiny Brites were created by ornament maker Max Eckardt, who had the idea to coat glass ornaments with silver nitrate to make them stay shiny longer than any other ornaments on the market.

Do Radko ornaments increase in value?

The early years of Radko ornaments have risen in value and are difficult to find at a bargain, and people usually know what they have, but secondary markets through newsletters, dealer, or Internet auctions are the way to find the older ornaments.

What are the most expensive Christmas ornaments?

Diamond Christmas Wreath – $4.6 million The wreath is the most luxurious ornament you could buy to celebrate Christmas, but think twice about where you’ll place it, since the price it’s an astounding $4.6 million.

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