What are grey spotted Great Danes called?

Merle Great Dane The merle coat is also similar to the harlequin, but its base color is grey instead of white. It has spots around its whole body that can be black and white.

What is a black and white spotted Great Dane called?

Mantle Great Danes have two colors, black and white, with no splotching. The black is the dominant base coat, with white lining their feet, chest, and face. If the white is anywhere else on the body, it’s usually enough to disqualify these dogs, but they have less variation than some of the other patterns on this list.

Are merle Great Danes rare?

TIP: Important! None of these colors are “rare” and YOU should not pay extra for a merle. Some unscrupulous breeders intentionally produce merles to “cash in” on the uneducated Dane buyer! For more color info don’t miss our Great Dane Colors main page.

What is a Harlequin Dane?

Harlequin is a pattern seen in Great Danes resulting from the complex interaction of the Merle and Harlequin genes on black pigment. Great Dane with classic Harlequin pattern. Click here for Price and Turnaround Time. Phenotype: Harlequin Great Danes display a pattern of irregular dark patches on a white background.

How much is a spotted Great Dane?

A great dane’s price can range from $600 up to $3,000. The exact price will depend on the breeder and the puppy’s pedigree. A pedigree dog is one whose lineage has been recorded, proving that it’s purebred. There is a huge difference in price between show quality dogs and dogs that are mainly bred as pets.

Is merle and harlequin the same?

Harlequin dogs have white between the darker patches of merle. Merle dogs often look “marbled.” They have grey coloration alongside black spots. Harlequin dogs also have the merle gene. However, instead of the larger grey patches, their harlequin gene makes their base coat entirely white.

How do you tell if a Great Dane is a double merle?

There are a few ways to tell if your dog might be a double merle by looking at the dog. Dogs with the double merle gene may be/have: All white in color, or have patches of merle/mottled coloring on the top half of their body – their head, back, and base of the tail. Light-colored paw pads.

How do I know if my Great Dane is a Harlequin?

Harlequin Great Danes’ typically have a white coat with black spots or ‘patches’, according to the American Kennel Club’s breed standard, with a white neck, and black or spotted ears. There can be some variation of grey patches or spots throughout the coat as well.

What is a Phantom merle dog?

A phantom merle or cryptic merle is one with such small patches of merle—or none at all—that it appears to be a non-merle. This is commonly seen in dogs who are recessive red, clear recessive reds in particular, though patches can still be seen in certain red dogs.

What is the difference between Harlequin and merle?

Are Harlequin and merle the same thing?

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