What animals do Jollyes sell?

Our stores stock a variety of products for Dogs, Cats, Fish, Wild Birds, Pet Birds, Farm Birds, and Reptiles. Some of our stores even stock products for Horses as well.

Who is the owner of Jollyes?

Kester Capital
Pet retailer Jollyes has been acquired by private equity firm Kester Capital. Founded in 1935, Jollyes operates over 70 UK superstores and concessions and sells a range of pet products including its own K9 and Lifestage brands.

Where is Jollyes based?

Where is Jollyes ‘s headquarters? Jollyes is located in Waltham Abbey, Essex, United Kingdom .

How many Jollyes stores are there in the UK?

From modest beginnings. From modest beginnings in Enfield as a single store in 1971, Jollyes has grown into one of the largest chains of pet superstores with over 70 stores, across the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as a substantial Ecommerce fulfilment.

Does Jollyes sell budgies?

Budgerigars & Cockatiels – Your local Jollyes will be able to supply you with a good quality budgie and cockatiel mixture.

Is Lifestage a good dog food?

Lifestage dry dog food is a veterinarian-approved food which has been specially formulated to provide your dog with a balanced nutritionally advanced food promoting growth, development, repair and the overall health and vitality of your dog….Company.

Name: Jollyes Petfood Superstores
HQ: Essex, UK
Also own: K9 Optimum

What type of business is Jollyes?

Jollyes is one of the largest chains of pet food superstores across the UK and Northern Ireland, providing a wide variety of branded pet foods, and accessories throughout all our stores. Its strong heritage of over 25 years in the industry has enabled Jollyes to grow into a dominant market player today.

Do cockatiels sell Jollyes?

Who owns Jollyes in Bath?

Jolly & Son was a small department store chain based in Kent and the West Country. Jolly’s historic flagship store in Bath has been part of the House of Fraser group since 1971.

Does pets at home sell parrot food?

Parrot Food 5kg by Pets at Home is made with seeds, nuts, fruit and chillies to provide your parrot with a great tasting balanced diet to keep them happy and healthy. Parrots are intelligent birds and can easily become bored which can lead to feather plucking.

What bird is easiest to tame?

Cockatiels along with budgerigars are the least expensive and easiest birds to obtain. Usually parent reared they can be tamed easily and make delightful first time pets with the added advantage they don’t screech like so many larger cousins. A hand reared cockatiel will cost slightly more.

Does Bath have a House of Fraser?

Bath | House of Fraser. This is our website.

Can you keep a Blue Jay as a pet UK?

What Is the Law on Keeping Wild Birds as Pets in the UK? It is legal to keep wild birds as pets in the UK. The law on keeping wild birds as pets in the UK states that you may have a license and keep certain types of birds but not release them into the wild once they are fully grown.

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