Is the Rubicon the only Jeep with lockers?

The only Jeeps that come with lockers are Rubicons. The 4:1 transfer case is intended for crawling and is unique to Rubicons as well. The real advantage to lockers is during low speed crawling which is why they are paired with the 4:1 case on the Rubicon.

What type of locker does a Jeep Rubicon have?

electric selectable locker
The factory Rubicon lockers are an electric selectable locker, which has the advantage of being able to engage or disengage with the push of a button. The main difference between a selectable locker and an automatic locker is in driving characteristics.

How do you unlock the Rubicon locker?

To unlock the axles, press the top of the AXLE LOCK switch. If you’re finding that after a reasonable amount of time, a minute or two at the most, that the locker won’t fully disengage bring it in.

Are Rubicon lockers air or electric?

Air. Each locker has its own compressor located on the rear of the transfer case skidplate.

Does Rubicon have limited slip differential?

Rubicons have a selectable locker front and rear. There is no option to change this from the factory. TracLock is Chrysler’s brand name for a limited slip differential (LSD). It is only available in non-Rubicon Jeeps and is an optional upgrade.

Do Jeep rubicons have front and rear lockers?

The continued growth in sales of Rubicon-model Jeep Wranglers (new and secondhand) will mean more new owners on the trails who may not fully understand when and where to best use the electronically activated lockers in the front and rear axles of the Rubicon model.

Do all rubicons have sway bar disconnect?

Yep, standard on Rubicons. You can add your own sway bar quick-disconnects to anything else, but it seems like you have a Rubicon, so no need to over think it.

What transmission is in a 2004 Jeep Rubicon?

4-speed automatic
5-speed manual
2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon/Transmission

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