Is Paul Walker at the end of Fast 7?

The end of the film shows what appears to be Walker’s O’Conner and Diesel’s Toretto have one final race until a fork in the road peacefully sends them separate directions to Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again.” Technically, Walker wasn’t able to finish “Furious 7,” but the film’s talented production crew was …

Who was the baby in the fate of the Furious?

When last we saw Baby Brian, he was an actual baby. Introduced in The Fate of the Furious, Baby Brian is the son of Elena Neves and Dominic Toretto.

Who is the little kid in Fast and Furious 9?

While appearing on The Tonight Show Tuesday, the 53-year-old actor opened up to host Jimmy Fallon about how his son, Vincent Sinclair, made his movie debut in F9 as the younger version of his dad’s beloved character, Dominic Toretto.

Who is in the car at the end of Fast 9?

We don’t see who’s driving it, but Fast & Furious fans will know instantly who it is as there’s only one character in the entire series to drive such a car: Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner.

Who is the mother of Toretto’s son?

Yup, Dom has a son, and the mother is Elsa Pataky’s character, Elena, who early on informs Dom that she calls their son Michael (his middle name) because a father should be the one to name his child.

What happened in Chapter 13 of game of Thrones Season 7?

Chapter 13, Bran II: Bran, Jojen, Meera, Hodor, and Summer arrive at the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven, but they are attacked by dead men emerging from the snow. Bran wargs into Hodor to fight some of the dead men off, before being saved by one of the Children of the Forest and dragged into the cave.

Why is the first episode of game of Thrones called the children?

The episode’s title appears to derive from the conflicts between children and their parents or guardians that are central to the plot: Tywin’s with Cersei and Tyrion, Daenerys with her dragons, and Arya’s with the Hound. It also has a double meaning, since the Children of the Forest (referred to as simply the Children) make their debut.

Why did Tyrion kill Shae with a fruit knife?

The TV version has her reach for a fruit knife – possibly to make Tyrion’s strangulation of her a bit more sympathetic by giving it shades of self-defense – though Tyrion is standing away from the bed and it is he who has to charge Shae, and in the end he still strangles her long after she stops resisting.

What happened to Littlefinger on ‘game of Thrones’?

Together, they are literally the judge (Sansa), the jury who examined the evidence (Bran), and the executioner who carries out the sentence (Arya). Littlefinger falls to his knees and begs and cries. He’s utterly humiliated. This too is a callback, and one that actor Aidan Gillen reveals in our interview tonight (link at end of recap).

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