Is Green Island worth visiting?

Green island is a great place to visit if you have the time/money. The snorkelling is great just near the jetty and there are plenty of lovely beaches to relax on. There is a also a crocodile attraction that is worth visiting. I would definitely go there again – even though it is quite expensive.

Is Green Island closing?

Quicksilver Group confirms iconic Green Island Resort to shut accommodation offering until borders reopen. A favourite Far North destination’s resort will temporarily close its accommodation offerings after the school holidays in the wake of Covid lockdowns.

What is Green Island known for?

Green Island is one of the most popular destinations on the Great Barrier Reef. This 12ha island is a true coral cay formed over thousands of years by the build-up of sand and coral rubble deposited on the calm side of a platform reef.

How much does Green Island cost?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Green Island is $1,704 for a solo traveler, $3,060 for a couple, and $5,737 for a family of 4. Green Island hotels range from $63 to $289 per night with an average of $103, while most vacation rentals will cost $120 to $1000 per night for the entire home.

Is Green Island Expensive?

First off, the Green Island resort is quite expensive to stay at, so it’s probably not a realistic overnight trip for most people unless you save up for it or maybe splurge for a special occasion.

Can you swim at Green Island?

Extending along the shore from each side of the jetty, the day-use area offers sandy beaches for sunbathing, clear shallow waters for snorkelling and a patrolled section of beach for swimming.

How long do you need at Green Island?

Even if you’re not usually a luxury traveller, you really can’t go wrong by spending at least two days on Green Island. While there are plenty of beaches in Cairns, none of them offer the chance to swim out straight onto the Great Barrier Reef from the shore!

How many days do you need on Green Island?

Can you walk around Green Island?

Getting there and getting around The Boardwalk is in Green Island National Park and Recreation Area, 27km offshore from Cairns in the Great Barrier Reef. The Boardwalk extends from the resort through the rainforested centre of the island to the beach on the southern side.

Can you swim on Green Island?

Yes you can. Swimming and snorkelling are popular activities from Green Island’s beaches and one of them is patrolled by life savers for your protection. Please note that many of the beaches are surrounded by sea grass beds.

What should I wear to Green Island?

We recommend that anyone wanting to enter the water at this time of year wears a lycra suit to protect you from the sun and to reduce the possibility of stings and irritations. Lycra suits are included with our snorkel hire equipment.

Can you swim in Green Island?

How much time do you need on Green Island?

When should I go to Green Island?

Green Island National Park has a tropical climate. In summer the daytime temperatures average 30°C with high humidity and rainfall. From April to September the days are cooler and less humid. Despite the steady south-easterly trade winds, this is usually the best time to visit.

Are there sharks at Green Island?

The short answer is yes, but in general, they are mostly harmless to humans. The most common sharks found on the Great Barrier Reef are white tip and black tip reef sharks.

Is the Green Island resort worth a stay?

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the green island resort. I was there just before the opening of the international borders so there were very few day trippers and resort guests. The price for the resort package was very reasonable due to covid. Having said that I would only visit again if there is a promotion which I doubt it will ever happen again.

Where is Green Island Resort located?

Located 27 km across the Coral Sea from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, Green Island Resort is luxury on the Great Barrier Reef.

What is there to do at Green Island Resort?

Guests can enjoy an on-site restaurant, a lounge, and breakfast during their stay. Learn more. Are there opportunities to exercise at Green Island Resort? Yes, guests have access to a pool during their stay. Learn more. Is Green Island Resort located near the city center? Yes, it is 0.09 miles away from the center of Green Island.

How many suites does Green Island have?

With just 46 suites nestled amongst the rainforest and secluded from the day visitor facilities, this world-class eco-sensitive resort offers a unique blend of luxurious accommodation, first class service and unparalleled access to the Great Barrier Reef. A Tropical Treat! Last year when we visited Cairns we did a day trip to Green Island.

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