Is Autumn Blaze a good tree?

Fast growing, with deeply lobed leaves and fabulous fall color, Autumn Blaze maple trees (Acer x freemanii) are exceptional ornamentals. They combine the best features of their parents, red maples and silver maples.

What is the difference between a red maple and an Autumn Blaze maple?

In the wild, red maple naturally grows in lower, wetter areas and is able to tolerate extended flooding, but is very sensitive to salt spray, soil salt and road salt. Autumn Blaze is more drought tolerant than red maple and is somewhat tolerant of salt spray as well as road salt, but doesn’t tolerate salt in its soil.

Is Autumn Blaze maple fast growing?

This tree grows at a fast rate, with height increases of more than 24″ per year.

Do Autumn Blaze maples have invasive roots?

The root system of the Autumn Blaze maple expands horizontally and is susceptible to above-ground damage, including potential maple tree root damage from lawn mowers. They grow quickly and venture past the drip line of the canopy. Mulching with shredded bark protects the roots, suggests the Williston Herald.

Are Autumn Blaze maple trees weak?

The big drawback of the Autumn Blaze maple is its structural weakness. The tree tends to crack easily at branch unions, which leads to broken branches and property damage after even mild storms. To avoid problems with Autumn Blaze maple trees, property owners must invest in regular tree care.

Are Autumn Blaze maples good trees?

The Autumn Blaze Maple tree is a great tree for your yard. With a mature width of up to 40 feet and height around 50, this is a good sized shade tree. Be sure to give it plenty of room to thrive….Product Details.

Soil Type Adaptable, Well Drained
Fall Color Red
Shipping Restriction AZ

Is Autumn Blaze Maple a good shade tree?

The Autumn Blaze Maple tree is a great tree for your yard. With a mature width of up to 40 feet and height around 50, this is a good sized shade tree. Be sure to give it plenty of room to thrive.

What is the difference between October Glory and Autumn Blaze?

“October Glory” sometimes has both orange and bright red leaves on its branches at the same time and their color is long-lasting. “Autumn Blaze” has insignificant flowers. Its medium green leaves have five lobes, deep red veins and red stems but at 3 to 4 inches wide, they are smaller than “October Glory’s” leaves.

Why is my autumn blaze maple turning red in summer?

A maple tree that turns red in summer might have a case of iron chlorosis. A maple tree that turns red in summer might have a case of iron chlorosis. One of the maple trees in my yard is looking like fall has arrived because it is already turning red.

What is the lifespan of an autumn blaze maple?

60 years
The life expectancy of an Autumn Blaze maple tree is 60 years.

How long does it take for a Autumn Blaze maple tree to grow?

approximately 15 to 20 years
Autumn Blaze Maples reach a mature height of about 40 to 50 feet after approximately 15 to 20 years.

Which grows faster Autumn Blaze or October glory?

Growth Habit “October Glory” reaches 40 to 60 feet tall with a rounded to oval crown. It grows slower than “Autumn Blaze.”

Does autumn blaze maple have helicopters?

Autumn blaze and sienna glen maples do sprout helicopter seeds. However, there are many hybrid versions that are seedless – like the celebration and autumn fantasy maples above.

How long does it take for an autumn blaze maple to grow?

Is an Autumn Blaze Maple a strong tree?

Do Autumn Blaze maple trees drop seeds?

What is the best red maple tree?

The Crimson King Maple has showy, deep purple foliage that turns maroon to bronze in fall. Hardy and low maintenance, this maple is easy to grow. For a bold and unique shade tree, the Crimson King is our top pick.

Are October glory maple trees messy?

Beautiful fall color, nothing messy or sticky, grows well even in drought and inspire of my neglect!

What is the prettiest maple tree in the fall?

We’ve put together a list of the top Maples with the best fall color.

  1. Sugar Maples. Now you’re probably thinking about maple syrup and pancakes (yum).
  2. The Autumn Blaze Maple. Pull out your sunglasses before looking at this hot maple.
  3. The Norway Maple.
  4. The American Red Maple.

Does Autumn Blaze Maple have helicopters?

What kind of character is Autumn Blaze?

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What is an Autumn Blaze maple tree?

The autumn blaze maple tree is a hybrid of the red maple tree and the silver maple tree, both native to North America. Their branch pattern is dense and ascending, and they sport a rounded or oval crown. Maturity comes quickly for the autumn blaze maple tree—they can grow as fast as three feet per year under the right conditions.

Is there a plant that looks like Autumn Blaze?

Red Sunset, October Glory, and Autumn Flame all have a mature size similar to that of Autumn Blaze. Armstrong can grow to be taller than Autumn Blaze (up to 70 feet) and yet has a narrower spread (15 to 20 feet); this gives it a distinctly columnar shape. Marmo also has a columnar shape, but a less pronounced one.

What happens to Autumn Blaze in the end of the game?

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