Is a wall hung toilet a good idea?

Unlike close-coupled and back-to-wall toilet options, wall-hung solutions expose a greater cleanable surface area as there is no pedestal, cistern or exposed pipework leaving little space for germs or dust to accumulate. This make wall-hung toilets the ideal choice for hotel lobby washrooms and workplaces.

Are wall hung toilets a standard size?

There are two standard frame sizes for wall-mounted toilets and three different heights available from all manufacturers. The standard frame heights measure 0.85m, 1m and 1.2m while depth is 160-200mm deep.

What are the disadvantages of wall mounted toilet?

The biggest con to a wall-mounted toilet is the cost and effort they take to buy and install. Many times the tank and wall mounting assembly are sold separately from the actual toilet, which will also run more than a floor-mounted toilet.

What are the requirements for a wall hung toilet?

Wall hung toilets Installing a wall hung toilet requires a stud wall or section to be built in order to make room for the cistern and mounting frame. The frame provides the support for the toilet as well as the cistern, and the flush buttons are incorporated so they are in a convenient location.

How far off the floor should a wall hung toilet be?

between 15 and 19 inches
It depends on the size and preference of the user(s), but wall hung toilets should be installed anywhere between 15 and 19 inches up from the floor. The standard height for a wall hung toilet to be fitted off the ground is generally considered to be 15 inches.

Can wall hung toilet break?

In my career I have installed hundreds. So of our customers were on the large side, and I had doubts. As of yet, I have never seen one break because of the users weight. What I do find however is that they are more liable to clog than a floor mounted toilet.

What is the maximum weight for a wall hung toilet?

500 pounds
The weight limit for wall hung toilets is generally considered to be 35.7 stones, equating to 500 pounds or 226.8 kilograms.

Can wall hung toilets be hung at any height?

There isn’t a specific height that you have to install your wall hung toilet at but it should be high enough to be comfortable for you and the other people who will be using it.

How much weight can a wall mounted toilet support?

The national standard for the minimum weight capacity of wall-mounted toilets is 500 pounds. Without the built-in support of the base, the weight limit depends on a combination of factors.

How are wall mounted toilets supported?

The tank, made of lightweight plastic and plastic foam, lives behind the wall, cradled in a cast-iron or steel carrier that gets installed between two studs to provide support. The bowl floats above the floor, anchored through the drywall to the carrier.

Do wall-hung toilets leak?

However, wall-mounted toilets leak for the same reasons as standard floor-mount toilets. A bad water connection, damaged wax seal or a cracked tank are the usual causes.

Why is my back to wall toilet leaking?

Toilet Is Loosely Attached Over time, toilet bolts can loosen. Tightening these bolts sometimes can stop water from leaking around the base of the toilet. The toilet may also be loose because the seal is loose or leaking, in which case you’ll want to replace the seal (see below).

How do you fix a leaky wall mounted toilet?

If water continues to leak around or under the wall outlet, the gasket between the wall and the bowl outlet will need to be replaced, Turn off the water at the shutoff valve and disconnect the flexible supply pipe. Flush the toilet. Remove any remaining water in the bowl and tank with a sponge or pump.

Why is my toilet leaking from the wall?

Which is the best brand of WC pan?

Comfortable to use and equally pleasing to behold, they are a truly modern innovation with a timeless, iconic appeal. Popular models are supplied by leading names such as Villeroy and Boch, Laufen and Ideal Standard, who have all created their own spin on this model of WC pan.

What are wall-hung toilets?

They are simply a ceramic pan (toilet bowl) with a seat that has the effect of floating off the ground. By being affixed to and “hanging on” the bathroom wall, hence the name wall-hung.

What is a wall mounted toilet pan?

Wall-mounted pans require a concealed cistern and frame, the frame is very important. As it not only holds the weight of the pan securely on the wall but its strong metal frame supports your weight in addition when the toilet is in use.

How much weight can a wall hung toilet hold?

Strength is provided by a wall frame which can cope with weights up to 200kg. The visible space under wall hung toilets makes bathrooms appear larger. Their look is sleek and streamlined.

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