How much does a 1964 Corvair weight?


Engine Location : Rear
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Production Years for Series : 1960 – 1969
Price : $2,020-$2,800
Weight : 2400 lbs | 1088.622 kg

What is the length of a 1964 Corvair?


Length : 180.0 in | 4572 mm.
Width : 67.0 in | 1702 mm.
Height : 50.5 in | 1283 mm.
Wheelbase : 108.0 in | 2743 mm.

What is a Monza Corvair?

The Chevrolet Corvair Monza GT (XP-777) was a mid-engined experimental prototype automobile built in 1962 and based on the early model Chevrolet Corvair series. As it was essentially a concept car, the Monza GT did not enter production.

How much is a 1964 Corvair Monza worth?

This 1964 Monza Convertible, shown in Saddle Tan metallic paint over a matching Medium Saddle Tan vinyl interior, sat in the car corral displaying a hand-written sign: “64 Corvair, Auto, $1,800 obo.”

What kind of car is a 1964 Monza Convertible?

The 1964 Monza Convertible sold 31,045 units, second only to the Monza Coupe (88,440) in sales. In today’s collector-car market, many consider 1964s to be the most desirable first-generation Corvairs because of their increased power and redesigned rear suspension, with its new transverse leaf spring.

When did the Corvair Monza Spyder get a redesigned gauge cluster?

The turbocharged Corvair Monza Spyder, however, included a redesigned gauge cluster beginning with its introduction in 1962–two years before the muscle car era arrived.

What was the most popular Corvair model in 1964?

Although the Monza was superseded by the turbocharged Spyder as the premium Corvair in 1964, it was still the line’s most popular trim level. The 1964 Monza Convertible sold 31,045 units, second only to the Monza Coupe (88,440) in sales.

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