How much do LifeVantage distributors make?

The average annual earnings of a typical LifeVantage Distributor for 2021 is $704.

How do you get paid on LifeVantage?

Once you reach an elite level rank (PRO 7 or above) you are eligible to be paid from the Elite Bonus Pool on a monthly basis. LifeVantage takes 4% of all total global sales and places it in the Elite Bonus Pool.

What sells LifeVantage?

Founded in 2003, LifeVantage develops nutraceutical products, including Protandim Nrf2, that leverage the company’s expertise and that are intended to deliver significant health benefits to consumers.

Is Protandim a gimmick?

Effectiveness. Marketing claims that Protadim can prevent or treat cancer are unproven and have been deemed fraudulent by the FDA.

Is Protandim any good?

The most recent human study “suggested that Protandim may enhance proteostatic mechanisms of skeletal muscle contractile proteins after 6 weeks of milk protein feeding in older adults.” It was a small study that only looked at lab tests and did not report any kind of clinical improvement and did not mention side …

Is LifeVantage a pyramid scheme?

LifeVantage Distributors must be cautious not to mischaracterize or misrepresent the LifeVantage income opportunity as an illegal pyramid scheme by focusing too much on recruiting other Distributors or implying that Distributors are compensated for their recruiting efforts.

Is LifeVantage a reputable company?

Lifevantage is a legitimate organization that works on the Multi-level marketing model. They sell legit products that help in fighting to age and supporting better health. Their products are of good quality and are convenient to use. It is a public traded company that has been operating since 2003.

Is Protandim a con?

Bottom Line: Lifevantage and Protandim seem to make a lot of claims that they can’t support. They uses scientific jargon supposedly to convince potential customers that the company knows its stuff, but it seems like a total scam…they’re selling supplements that human research doesn’t back up.

Is LifeVantage a pyramid?

Distributors Claim LifeVantage Is Running an Illegal Pyramid Scheme That Puts Their Investments at Risk | Sommers Schwartz.

What happened to LifeVantage?

In June 2014, two of the company’s top Japanese distributors were terminated. They have taken a significant portion of their downlines to a new direct selling company. As a result, sales in Japan are collapsing. Prior to adopting a direct selling model, demand for the company’s core product, Protandim, was weak.

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