How much are swimming with dolphins?

How Much Does Swimming with Dolphins Cost? Swimming with Dolphin opportunities are available at several warm water vacation spots, including Hawaii, Mexico, Florida and the Bahamas. Typical costs: A simple shallow-water interaction[1] costs about $80-$145, depending on the resort location and the dolphins’ behavior.

How long is dip and discover at Atlantis?

Your experience begins with an orientation and includes a 30-minute in-water interaction in a protected, enclosed environment. What’s Included: Wetsuits, personal lockers, and beach towels.

Does Atlantis have swim with the dolphins?

Whether you share in our dolphins playful shallow water antics or experience their speed and agility first-hand in the deeper waters, an unforgettable experience awaits. At Dolphin Cay Atlantis, swimming with dolphins has been redefined.

Is Aquaventure free for Atlantis guests?

Access to the Aquaventure Waterpark and marine habitats at Atlantis are FREE for guests staying at the resort. Passes may be purchased by day visitors, but availability is limited – and may be closed – during periods of high resort occupancy.

How many dolphin interactions are there in Dolphin Bay?

two different interactions
Meet and play with these graceful mammals through a choice of two different interactions for an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How much does it cost to swim with sharks in the Bahamas?

You may also have to consider the additional cost of renting equipment. On average, a shark diving experience in The Bahamas could cost anywhere from $130 USD to $440 USD per person depending on the location and the shark species you are looking for.

How much is it to swim with dolphins in Bahamas?

Your Personal Deep Water Swim shares a lagoon with other Deep Water Swim pods and dolphins. The price of the Deep Water program is $190.00 – $210.00 per person throughout the year. All the fun of the behin Dolphin Cay.

How much does it cost to go in a cage with sharks?

Shark Cage Dives Our cage fits two divers at a time. Divers can enter and exit the cage as many times as they like throughout the day. *The cost is $250 per person for a full or half day. If the charter is 3 people or less the cost is $800 for a full or half day adventure.

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