How many American Legion posts are there in the United States?

There are nearly 2 million members of The American Legion, making it the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization. The American Legion has more than 12,000 posts in communities throughout the United States.

What is the oldest American Legion post in the United States?

Luke-Greenway American Legion Post #1 is (arguably) the oldest American Legion Post in the United States being one of three Posts chartered on the same day in June of 1919. The origins of the American Legion has its roots in World War I when it was formed by American G.I.’s in France.

How many American Legion posts are in Michigan?

350 American Legion Posts
Michigan is home to over 350 American Legion Posts and over 75,000 members.

What is a vice commander American Legion?

Elected at the national convention, five vice commanders act as representatives of the national commander. They may preside over meetings of the National Executive Committee or the national convention, and perform other duties for the commander.

How do American Legions get their post numbers?

In the first years of the Legion, when a flood of applications for initial post charters came in, posts in many departments were assigned a number based on when they turned in their application – thus the first applying post in each department would have been named Post 1.

Who named The American Legion?

It was noted in passing during the course of debate on the topic that Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. had been responsible for an earlier organization called “The American Legion” in 1914, a “preparedness” society with a claimed membership of 35,000 which had been absorbed into the Council of National Defense in 1916.

What are the duties of the second vice commander at The American Legion?

Duties of the Second Vice-Commander – Shall assume and discharge the duties of the office of the First Vice-Commander in the absence or disability of such officer, is charged with the business aspects of the Post, and shall perform such other duties as may be required.

How many American Legion posts are there in Michigan?

How many American Legion posts are in Virginia?

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, mutual help and community service organization. The Department of Virginia is comprised of 17 Districts containing 208 Posts with a total membership of over 39,500 Legionnaires.

What is an American Legion adjutant?

The adjutant is the personnel officer and personal point of contact for individual members of the post. The adjutant keeps membership records and minutes of meetings, assists the work of other officers and committees, and publishes official orders, announcements and instructions.

What are the ranks in the American Legion?

Elected Officers Duties

  • Post Commander. The Commander is the Chief Executive Officer of the Post and shall supervise, lead and manage the Post and its Officers.
  • First Vice Commander.
  • Second Vice Commander.
  • Third Vice Commander.
  • Finance Officer.
  • Historian.
  • Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • Chaplain.
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