How many advisors does AIG have?

AIG Advisor Group, with $160 billion in client assets, consists of four broker-dealers: FSC Securities Corp., Royal Alliance Associates Inc., SagePoint Financial Inc. and Woodbury Financial Services Inc. It has more than 5,200 independent advisers.

What fees does AIG charge?

AIG Annuities Review

Annuity Fees
American Pathway® Immediate Annuity Find an Advisor Read Review No annual charges
Polaris Platinum III Variable Annuity Find an Advisor Read Review $50 annual contract fee 0.46% – 2.11% professional money management fee 0.15% – 0.40% death benefit fee 1.25% – 2.50% living benefit fee

Is VALIC a fiduciary?

The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC), a unit of AIG, was recently ordered to pay a penalty of $19,943,753 for—according to the SEC—breaching its fiduciary duty to clients in connection with its mutual fund sales practices.

Are VALIC advisors fiduciaries?

When they are advising you on investments, they are legally bound by a fiduciary duty to put your interests first.

What are Valic fees?

With a national footprint, Valic Financial Advisors has more than $23 billion in assets under management (AUM). In addition to being an investment advisor, Valic is also a broker-dealer….Fees Under Valic Financial Advisors.

GPS Portfolio Manager Program
Next $150K 0.50%
Over $250K 0.45%

How many advisors does VALIC?

Valic Financial Advisors, registered in 1997, serves 51 state(s) with a licensed staff of 1,452 advisors. Valic Financial Advisors manages $23.3 billion and provides investment advisory services for 324,056 clients (1:224 advisor/client ratio).

Is AIG a reputable company?

AIG Insurance Review AM Best gives AIG an A (Excellent) financial strength rating, which means the carrier can meet its claims obligations. AIG sells life insurance products in all states and offers some of the lowest term life rates in our rating.

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