How hard is it to climb Bell Rock?

The official route will only take you a 2/3 of the way unless you have climbing skills, but it is safer. Despite being safer, the official route for the Bell Rock climb is still considered moderate to difficult. However, it will take you to some beautiful overlooks with great views of Sedona.

How long is Bell Rock climb?

3.6 miles
The Bell Rock Pathway is 3.6 miles long and most of the trail is a wide and hard surface. There are a few areas by Bell Rock where the trail is rougher. If you have to park at the southern trailhead, you will take the Bell Rock Trail to the Bell Rock climb.

Where do you park for Bell Rock climb?

The best place to park is at the Bell Rock Trailhead North. This parking lot is located on the northbound section Red Rock Scenic Byway. This fairly large lot has a vault toilet and a machine where you can purchase your Red Rock Pass. This lot is the closest you can get to the hiking trail.

How high can you climb on Bell Rock?

The climb from the parking is only 547 feet. Though, it is a short climb, it is a fun and exciting little climb with amazing views. It is mainly fourth class with small amount of third class and the summit pitch is rated at 5.8. From the parking you will see many people climbing all over the rock.

How do I get to Bell Rock Pathway?

2 miles south of the entrance to the United Methodist Church for the northern trailhead. For the southern trailhead, from the South Gateway Visitor Center, go 1 mile north to Bell Rock parking area on your right.

Can you see Bell Rock from the car?

From the upper trailhead Bell Rock is about a 45-60 minute hike, from your car, back to your car (but I’d save that for sunset). Continue north on Hwy 179 and the red rock views will expand and grow in size.

Where is the vortex at Bell Rock?

Bell Rock is on the Red Rock Scenic Byway (SR 179) and unmistakable. It’s huge bell shape towers over the Village and makes it easy to spot. Bell Rock is reputed to have very strong vortex energy and many feel the strongest energy is located on Bell Rock’s north slope.

Is Bell Rock Trail closed?

Area Status: Open The Bell Rock Pathway is a 3.6 mile trail.

Can you see Bell Rock from the road?

It’s a HUGE view and a beautiful sight. I would drive the above route, have lunch in Flagstaff, drive back down Oak Creek Canyon (very different sights when driving in the opposite direction) and back down Hwy 179 to Bell Rock.

Is Bell Rock Trail easy?

Difficulty: The loop can be considered moderate. The additional ascent to the top of Bell Rock is difficult. Kid Friendly: Yes—however, the ascent to the top should be completed with caution. Accessibility: Limited, paved parking is available at the trailhead.

Do you need Red rock Pass for Bell Rock?

Here is a partial list of trailheads and recreation areas that require a Red Rock Pass; Bell Rock Pathway. Courthouse Rock Trailhead. Little Horse Trailhead.

What is the easiest Sedona vortex to get to?

Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock Vortex The easiest access to this vortex is to drive 4.3 miles west on 89A from the junction of Hwys 89A and 179, and turn left on Upper Red Rock Loop Rd. Then go 1.8 miles and turn left on Chavez Ranch Rd. Follow the pavement .

Where do you park at Bell Rock Sedona?

The Hike around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte is an enjoyable easy to moderate 4.5 mile hike with some rock stair stepping. There are two parking lots which you can use to hike this trail. One is South of Bell Rock, next to Oak Creek Village, the other is just north of Bell Rock (towards Sedona).

How much does a Red Rock Pass cost in Sedona?

The Red Rock Passes are sold in three options: Daily for $5. Weekly for $15. Annually for $20. Grand Annual Pass for $40 (Only sold at Visitor Center at 331 Forest Road in Sedona, Grasshopper Point, Crescent Moon Ranch, and West Fork)

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