How do you keep decimal places in SAS?

A decimal (.) is always placed at the end of the informat and that is how SAS differentiates it from other variables. The informat instructs SAS on how to read data into SAS variables.

How do you round to 2 decimal places in SAS?

To round to 2 decimal places in a SAS data step, you can use the sas round() function. By default, the SAS round() function rounds to the nearest integer. To round to 2 decimal places, pass ‘0.01’ for the second argument.

How do I get rid of decimal places in SAS?

Re: Removing Decimal Points Presuming yours are SAS NUMERIC type variables, you can use a SAS assignment statement to create a uniquely-named SAS CHARACTER type variable using the COMPRESS function, as mentioned, but with a different SAS variable. And, to avoid the SAS NOTE about conversion, use the PUT( ,BEST.)

How do I truncate decimals in SAS?

Multiply our number by 104, effectively making the decimals part of a whole number (shifting the decimal point 4 positions to the right). Apply INT() function that truncates the decimal portion, keeping only the whole portion from the previous step.

How do I get rid of decimal points in SAS?

Re: Removing decimals places in SAS data have; input field1 :$10.; datalines; 22.5 1.000 40.000 1.25 4000 ; data want; set have; field2 = strip(put(input(field1,8.2),best.)); run; Take a close look at the last observation. 8. (or simply best.) is sufficient.

How do I get just the decimal value in SAS?

Use a combination of floor and mod to truncate the decimal rather than round. mod returns the remainder when the first number is divided by the second. Show activity on this post. Try using the floor function.

How do you round variables in SAS?

ROUND is the function name; argument is the numeric value or variable you want to have rounded; and rounding-unit is the unit that you want to result to be rounded to (e.g. 10, 100, 0.1, 0.01, 5, etc.) For example, ROUND(34.58, 0.1) tells SAS to round the number 34.58 to the nearest tenth. SAS will return 34.6.

How do I use CATX in SAS?

However, the default length for the CAT, CATS, CATT, and CATX functions is different from the length that is obtained when you use the concatenation operator….Comparisons.

Function Equivalent Code

What informat to use in SAS?

SAS Informat is an instruction that SAS used to read data values into a variable. Generally Informats are used to read or input data from external files specified in input statement….SAS Date Informat.

Input Date Date Width Informat
worddate20. 20 January 10, 2010

What is MMDDYY10 format in SAS?

There are also formats available for number representations such as the format MMDDYY8., which displays the calendar date in the form mm/dd/yy, or the format MMDDYY10., which displays the calendar date in the form mm/dd/yyyy.

How do you change the datatype in SAS?

SAS uses the BESTw. format, where w is the width of the character variable and has a maximum value of 32. You cannot change the type of a variable. You will need to create a new variable from the old variable with the new data type and then drop and rename to keep the original names.

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